Week 1 Experience

  • I started last week.  Here are some things I noticed.

    Pros -

    Lost 6 pounds.

    Have higher self-esteem.

    Feel like I have a plan and am making progress.

    Looking forward to some change.

    Cons -

    The diet is hard to get use to. I have went straight by the book without cheating except on my cheat day.

    No visible difference.


    The arm workout I am unable to start at a weight and increase constantly.

    Myoplex Original shakes make me anxious.

    Nervous about muscle memory getting use to the same routine over and over.

    Cardio endurance seems to be fading.  I am accustomed to running between 8 and 12 miles a week.

    Feel zapped from time to time.



    Provide some feedback about what you think or maybe your own 1st week experiences or problems.



  • Welcome Neil,

    I am very new to this program and lifestyle.  I am just going to offer my opinion on this.  

    Your pros list looks right on!  Let me dissect your cons list…

    -The diet is more than a diet.  It is kind of lifestyle change.  I have never really dieted before or never with any long term success.  This is an eating style training you to feed your body better.  That logic fools me to think it is something different so in my mind it has made it easier to follow.

    - I am only on day 9 of my first challenge.  I don’t really notice a difference at all either.  I feel a TON better so I know the efforts I am putting in is doing some good.  I really don’t expect to start seeing outside physical changes until week 5-8.  

    - I struggle increasing weights still.  Your first week you have only done upper body workout 2 times.  I did my 3rd upper body this morning and changed 2 exercises.  I am going into this knowing I am a work in progress.   The more comfortable I get with the exercises and understanding how my body responds then I can work on changing the weight.  I have the standard guy attitude thinking no way should I life 10 pounds lighter for my first 1 or 2 sets when I can lift this.  I think I will discover I need to check my pride and follow this plan closer.  Like I said I am a work in progress and have not come to terms with that answer yet…

    - try to add fiber pills it will help you feeling full and take care of any constipation issues.  

    - I picked up the Mioplex light at Sams Club and have not found any shaky effects from that product at all.  I will be interested in others comments on this.

    - I looked on the library section and some research on google you can find a great number of different exercises for each main muscle group.  Unless you are an experienced lifter it will take some time to get comfortable with the actual lifting motions and doing so in a controlled fashion.  I am planning on sticking with my lifting exercises for one month before I switch them around.  With the number of exercises available you can change them whenever you feel they are no longer a challenge.  

    - the staged cardio workout is designed to train your body to recover under stress.  If you are a more experienced runner maybe changing the recovery effort to your level 6 or 7 instead of a level 4.  You may find that more of a challenge.  Again I will wait to hear from the veterans on this answer.

    - I also have struggled with times feeling zapped.  I felt way worse before I started the plan.  This is a different feeling, more fatigue.  So far it is nothing that a cup or 3 coffees could not handle.  Maybe change how many hours your sleeping?  

    Well for what it is worth, that is my $.02.  I have read enough stories from people in different phases of this challenge and I truly believe this will change my life and if you stick with it your life will change for the better also!  Good luck man, hang in there!  

  • I agree on the sleeping aspect,  I sometimes found on a Challenge that I simply wasn't getting enough snooze time to get those gains and keep from feeling zapped. Be sure to watch any sugar levels on your Free day to and keep it reasonable ( or zero if you can) to avoid a post sugar high of sorts. Caffeine may help if you add one cup of tea or coffee a day to help out if you can.

  • Sleeping isn't an issue.  I follow a very strict routine because I am a teacher.  Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time almost every day.  I wonder if I was possible coming down with something during the "zapped" period.  Overall though in the first week, I felt like I had more energy.  

    Still want to hear more about Myoplex giving people the zitters please.

  • I use myoplex lite and love it.  I haven't experienced any of the ill effects you described from it.  I tried Myoplex original a long time ago, and just felt like it was too much.  

    Andys10 has a good idea on the weights.  Mix up the exercises every 4 weeks.  Could be as simple as flat bench press to incline press.  That's enough to keep the muscles guessing, but gives you enough time to find that 10 and see progress in increasing the weights.

    As for the cardio endurance, are you running 8-12 miles a week in addition to the 20 min HIIT 3x per week?  If so, I'd guess that would require some extra fuel, but be careful not to over do it. 

    Best part I see in your original post:  You have a plan and are making progress.  I agree, keep it up!

  • Can't say I have ever had the jitters using Myoplex,   maybe a little gas from time to time because I may have gulped it down a little too fast. Is it the chocolate in the drinks that is a problem, perhaps you should change flavors then to strawberry or vanilla?

  • It is Strawberry that gives me the jitters.  It makes me anxious and a little nervous.

  • I stopped running 8 - 12 miles when I started BFL.  

  • I have never had the strawberry but the vanilla and choc. do not give me any jitters.  I am starting this food plan on Monday although I eat BFL style until dinner now... so the evening is a big hurdle for me to overcome ...  as for the workouts, I take a 1hr. spin class on Mon., 1 hr. kickbox on Tues, 20 min stairmill and eliptical on Wed., 1 hr. athletic conditioning on Thurs and run 30 min on Fri and I don't plan on giving up that routine except 1 of the cardio days.  I'll add wts. in there too but I've had so many annoying injuries from overlifting over the years that I have to go really light and ease in slow...


  • I have never heard of these shakes ever giving anyone gitters.

    I have taken them, and I used to work in the nutrition shop at a gym so I served them to hundreds of people. Looked over the label and nothing in them jumps out at me as something to cause gitters.

    There are also not huge differences between the flavors so it is weird that only the strawberry gives you the gitters.

    Not saying you are wrong as you know your body better then anyone.

    Maybe there is something in the strawberry shakes that is causing gitters.

    If the strawberry causes gitters then switch to vanilla or chocolate or switch brands all together.

  • Are you drinking the shakes right after lifting?  I always feel jittery after lifting regardless of what I eat.  

    I am in week 6 of the challenge, and I felt like absolute crap the first week or two.  Well, I felt better in some respects (mental clarity, sleeping better, general outlook and excitement), but I was so exhausted!  I had to take naps every afternoon to keep going even if I slept well the night before.  It takes time to get used to the lifting and the HIIT, I think.  After about week 4 I noticed a big change in energy levels for most of the day, but I do still get tired at 3.  Better than being achy and tired all day!!

    As for the constipation, I started putting a few tsp of benefiber in my shakes, and mixed in with the yogurt.