4 Week Progress With Photos

  • I finished my first 4 weeks today after starting on January 2. I took my measurements and photos and so far I have lost 12 lbs and 19.5 inches. I'm really glad that I took those measurements in the beginning because they are really motivating. 

    I've heard that most people (women especially?) see the best results in weeks 7-8. Moms out there - did that post-pregnancy skin ever tighten up? Both my babies were 9+ lbs and that skin just hangs! Any feedback??

    Also, I'm thinking of ramping up my cardio for the next 4 weeks. I ran a marathon a few months ago and in the back of my head is this nagging thinking that 20 minutes 3x/week is just not enough! I want to stick to the program but don't think the extra cardio (maybe 30 minutes on HIIT days, 20 on UBW/LBW days) will hurt. Ideas or suggestions?

    What are your tips for avoiding discouragement in the coming weeks. So far it hasn't been too bad but I can anticipate a wall coming soon enough. I just want to avoid burning out and see this thing through to the end.



    This is my starting point on January 2. 

    This is today, after 4 weeks. My daughter turned 1 last week. It's time to get his done once and for all!

  • WOW....I see a big improvement already. Your entire mid-section is really tightening up. Keep it up....the best is yet to come. You'll be able to see from my profile that weeks 8-12 will be your biggest improvements.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Wow, Looks like you have made some great overall progress and I hope that you continue on and Keep Moving Forward towards your goals. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Nice Job, BFL Momma!!!  Keep up the good work...You are right on track.

    My first challenge included extra cardio and it didn't hurt me.  I lost 50 pounds and increased musle mass as well.  Just don't do it to the point of "burn out".  Lookin' good!!


  • wow you look amazing I will be taking my 4 week pics in the next couple days I hope i see similar results

  • great work :) you are doing great!

  • You look great! Over working yourself can hinder your progress... If you are seeing results with only 20 minutes you should keep it at 20 mins :)

  • You are looking great! keep it up!

  • Great job!

  • Good for you! Very impressive for such a short period of time! You can really tell you're a ton more toned! Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind words! I've looked at some of your profiles and your results are very inspiring. Sounds like I'll be looking forward to that last month for the real improvements to show. 

  • great progress momma!  I've been pimping Hussman Fitness and his explanation of BFL and why it works, would suggest you check it out, it might point you in the right direction.

    I give you so many kudos for running a marathon that is sooooooooooo cool!  I'm not sure I could ever do it, but who knows with time maybe I give it a shot.  Just remember though, you are trying to burn fat and tone up with some muscle building in there.  Check out the Hussman Fitness thing, hope it helps!

  • Great job! You have really leaned out in your torso...that is my goal :) Super! Congrats!

  • WOW!  thats amazing in 4 weeks!  Way to GO!  

  • BFLMama, you are doing an awesome job... I' ll HOPE for that!

    Keep taking your measurements and taking those pics and stay positive! Your gonna do great!

    It's not where you start--it's where you finish that counts ~ Zig Ziglar