4 weeks in! Some tips I learned...

  • Hello everyone! Here's my first post! Like so many of you, This is not the first time I am doing BFL. I gave it a go around back in my late 20's, I am now 42. Back then I didn't have a computer and didn't know there was a Book out , so I winged it. I worked out 2 hours per day, 6days per week....intensly... and I was very impressed at the end of 12 weeks, I mirrored a lot of the before and after photos we see on this site. I however didn't keep up with the lifestyle after the 12weeks. Afterall, who has the time or energy to work out 2 hours per day! Well, back in December I ran across the "Body for Life" book at a thrift store, picked it up and read it! Wow... work out for 45 min. every other day, 20 min. of cardio the other days with a day off! I'm game! I just completed week 4 today! Just about everyday I have been sore... definately hitting those 9 and 10 intensity levels! I am feeling stronger and am getting stronger according to my notes! I haven't lost any weight at this point. But here are my tips .... TIP 1: Definately use the forms provided on this site (or book), they keep me motivated, I hit my intensity levels, and I make sure to mix up the exercises by double checking previous weeks workouts. TIP 2: Also on the meal forms... keep track! They have helped me out, today I looked back on the last 4 weeks, I noticed that on a couple of days that I didn't get 5 or 6 meals in, I ended up having chocolate or something fatty...I was doing this 1 to 2 times per week! I didn't think I was cheating this often! But now I do, and will definately get the 5-6 meals in per day for sure now! TIP 3: I am not concerned that I haven't lost any weight, I only need to lose about 10 pounds of fat. I know that I have gained muscle. Also when I did this program back in my 20's, I didn't start to shed the fat until after the 8th week! The last month, it just fell off me! So people, as long as you follow the plan, it should work! Never give up!












  • Congrats on making it to week 4! :)  I start day 1 tomorrow, I'm so excited. Thank you for sharing your tips!!

  • that is so true about writing the stuff down on your forms.  I'm one of the very rare people at my gym walking around with a form and pencil (and clipboard).  But there's NO way I could remmber all my weights and how I felt and how many reps I accomplished with each.  I mean, just seeing that I was able to do 2 extra reps from one week to the next is so motivational!!

    Also writing down the eating.  I've slacked on that for the past month.  I've been doing BFL for over a year and thought I woudn't need to write it down anymore, like it should be old hat to me by now.  But NOPE!  I do make healthy choices, but I have no idea how many TIMES I've been eating day to day.  And yep, some days end in choc. fatty goodness! when they shouldn't.  My memory sucks so when it's 4 pm I have no recollection of what I ate prior.  And I'm always starving b4 supper time, then I can't think straight and make bad decisions.  When I used to have it PLANNED OUT AND PREWRITTEN, then I couldn't sway, I would simply look at my sheet to see what and when I had to eat next.