6 Weeks of BFL.

  • I survived Christmas, New Years and a long road trip to Chicago and St. Louis. Early this morning before work, I stepped on the scale and I had gained a pound in the last week. But I just got done taking pictures for week 6 and I think I've made some progress. Clearly my belts aren't lying.

    Here's a link to my week 1 photos: http://jrgprogress.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/photos-december-16-2011/

    Here's a link to my week 6 photos: http://jrgprogress.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/week-6-photos-and-summary/

  • Ok, I thought the links would work... Make this easier for everyone:

    Here's week 1:



    Here's week 6:

    So I guess I'm doing ok, right?

  • Congratulations on being committed to BFL. Be patient and don't give up.....you're doing great!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • You are doing more than OK; you are doing fabuluos. Don't let that one pound mess with your head.  Just keep moving forward and make every workout count and keep your diet as clean as possible.  You will be amazed at what your body is capable of if you treat it right.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Great job!  Always remember it's about progress, not perfection!  I definitely see some great changes there, stay focused on the nutrition and workouts!  One suggestion, something I am doing is the last three weeks I added more cardio for a tweak to help burn more fat.  Basically you add low/ mod to your HIIT for 20 minutes and add 40 low/ mod on my normal rest day.  When I start my next challenge I will drop the extra cardio and focus on the program to build muscle and then the last 3 weeks increase the cardio again.  You can read more about it on Hussman Fitness website where he explains why BFL works.

  • Great work and hang in there. Your efforts show and you should keep moving forward in the program. Be patient and persistent and it will yield even more rewards ahead. I am planning to do my C3 challenge in April but through both challenges I have lost a lot already. Best wishes to you,.

  • Awesome job on staying with the program!!!!! Like most are saying, stay with the intensity levels (don't lie to yourself!, make sure you're hitting those 9's and 10's!) And also keep track of your meals, and don't miss any... this does and will make a difference! You're half way there buddy!

  • If the  scale said you gained, yet your belt is LOOSER....  You're definitely doing something RIGHT!! :)  Scale measures everything in and on your body, doesn't mean you're 'fatter'.

  • I was talking to my ex-girlfriend tonight and most of the time we talked about kids and work. After an hour or so, she mentioned she just baked a cake. I said that sounds great and that I should stop by and have a slice (if she didn't live 3 hours away). But then I said "Except I don't eat cake anymore." She said that I shouldn't restrict the foods I eat on a diet and that I should eat what I want, just less of it.

    I said I'm not on a diet (A diet, in my mind, implies that it's short term or has some sort of ending) and that I can eat whatever I want, I just choose not to eat cake anymore, in fact I really don't even think about it anymore. I'll get done eating dinner and think "I should turn on the Pens game" or "I should take a shower." or "I should go out and find a lady to take a shower with me and then watch the Pens game." I just don't eat cookies, crackers, cake, ice cream or white bread anymore.

    After that we talked about our favorite health foods and how to make them taste better without making them unhealthy. I then sent her my before/after pictures posted here and some that I didn't post here. She saw them and was just shocked by them. She said that was a significant loss and that it was just amazing. She wished that she had taken before/after pictures last year when she lost 80 lbs.

    @Flatliner: I have added the extra moderate cardio, started this morning and will do it for the next 6 weeks. Hopefully that'll help me get some extra results. I've also switched to Myoplex Light. Thanks for pointing out the Hussman article. I owe you a beer next time in Chicago. (or maybe a Myoplex instead?)

  • FANTASTIC! I see a BIG difference in your face and your side picture. You are making wonderful progress and I can't wait to see your 12 week pics!