Week 2 and i'm sick. How do I get back on track???

  • Yesterday should have been the start of Week 2 for me. I woke up for my morning workout and I have either a head cold or a sinus infection. I called in sick to work yesterday and spent most of the day sleeping. I didn't get my workout in for yesterday or today but I have stayed on the meal plan for what little food I have eaten. My questions is: tomorrow would technically be an Upper Body Work Out. Should I do an UBWO tomorrow or do the Lower Body Work Out that I missed on Monday? OR Does it really matter. This is all assuming that I wake up feeling well enough to go to the gym before work tomorrow. (I plan on it)
  • Mrs. Miller: You are doing well to stick with a clean diet even if you are missing a couple workouts due to sickness. Your nutrition is 90% of your success so missing the odd workout will not hurt much at all but being sloppy on your diet will really slow your progress. I would recommend continuing with your UB workout (providing you are feeling better). Don't worry about the missed workouts....your body needs to rest and recover. All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • I had exactly what you had twice now in the last 10 weeks.  The first time I was worried if I stopped I may not be back in the gym.  I did some research and found that most suggestions say if it's above the neck you should be good to go.  If it's below the neck proceed with caution, in other words in your lungs.  If your throat is sore or you have a fever I would rest it up.  Try to eat at your scheduled times (still keeps your metabolism going) and increase your liquids, I hit up teas with honey.  I use camomille (sp.??) at night and green teas during the days.  I also netti potted 275 times a day to help clear up whatever was up there.  I thought I knew my body pretty well, but had some of my best workouts with the sinus/ colds I had.  Give it a shot, stay hydrated, the worst that happens is you go home.  I was crazy enough that the second time it happened I went again and it went well.  Good luck!