Discouraged with Progress

  • I officially started BFL last Sunday, but I have been working out super consistently since October 2011, have eliminated fats, sugars, dairy from my diet and I cannot seem to get over the 10lb plateau. I have 40lbs left to lose after my baby boy was born 5 months ago. I am so discouraged. I can't imagine what I could possibly be doing wrong. I know I have to keep going, but I have got to see some progress! I know that my body loses weight super slow, but 3.5 months seems like enough time to start seeing some decent progress? Any suggestions, encouragements, ??? Anything would be helpful at this point.

  • Have you called the support line?  They have helped me a lot.

  • I had the same issue 12 years ago after having my second son- did BFL and lost the weight and felt fantastic!!!  

    Here's a thought though- are you over working out?  Make sure you're doing the plan.  If you workout too much your body will get scared and stop making gains.  Also- are you taking a day off the diet each week?  Doing so made a huge difference for me.  I feel like it literally restarted my body's desire to loose each and every week.  Your body needs fat- healthy fats- so make sure you have them.  When I had hit my plateaus, these are check points that really helped me...  Don't be discouraged- you'll be back to yourself, and with a baby in your arms, soon! :)

  • Hi I understand where your coming from. I too had a hard time losing all my weight after  kids.  I too was eating good and exercising but wasn't really seeing the results.  When I officially started BFL it was different. the combination of cardio, weights and clean eating works.  Stick with the plan exactly and you will see results.  I started my last BFL challenge when my fourth baby was the same age as yours. You can do it!  Believe in yourself it will happen. :)

  • Don't be discouraged, sometimes the results come slowly... think of it as trying to counter balance a see saw where it takes a little while to get to that fulcrum and then wow,.. things finally tip the other way in your favor.  Best wishes in your sincere efforts.

  • I would ask you to post more information on what your work out schedule is, what your current meal plan and times are.  Also post your current weight and body fat percentage and what your goals are.  Most important don't give up!

  • It took me a whole year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight with my first child and only 6 months with my second child. I gained 55 lbs, and 45 lbs, respectively. Sometimes it does take a bit more time for our mommy tummies to come down, but they do. Don't give up! I started "the challenge" Nov. 7 and have lost 10 lbs. My baby was only 5 months old then too. (By the way, I have been at the same weight for a few weeks but I am gaining muscle. Pretty cool.)

    I wish I would have started this plan WAY earlier. I believe in it, and I believe if you follow the guidelines you will see progress. Don't be hard on yourself at first. Give it the full 12 weeks.  You will be amazed.

    By the way, are you nursing?

    Remember: It is progress, NOT perfection. You can do it!

  • Thank you for all of the encouragement. It really helped me start strong again this week. I'm determined to stick it out.

  • Mpetty,

    Are you "changing it up"?  Meaning are you doing the same cardio every time, or are you doing something different ever time?  When you do the same thing over and over your body gets used to it and you'll plateau.  Changing things up, keep your body guessing.  

    Keep with it, you can do it!!  

  • Remember that sometimes progress cannot be measured just by looks or the scale.  No doubt your heart is healthier as well as your lungs.  

    I have been working out regularly for the past year and while I still weigh the same, my body fat has decreased and I can actually feel muscles I didn't know I had.  

    I just started BFL too and hope that it will help me get to visable results too.

  • How many calories must you eat a day to maintain your current weight? How many calories are you eating? How tall are you? If you're shorter, it'll be a little tougher losing weight- you can only cut so many calories... Just keep plugging away. You really want to get back in shape. So, like all of us, you really don't have any other option! :-) Have you talked to your doctor about this? How long does it take for your homones to stabalize after pregnancy? I'm a nurse, but have long forgot alot of maternity stuff I learned in school! Also, have you had any recent thyroid labs drawn? After my sister had her son, she discovered she has hypothyroidism, which slows your metabolism. Or it could be none of these things. Maybe you just hit a wall. In that case, I'd encourage you to mix up your routine. Really amp up your cardio and make sure you're hitting your level 10's! You'll get that weight off, just stay positive and keep working hard! We're all in this together!

  • Hi Mpetty

    I just logged on to the forum tonight as I was hoping to find some rays of encouragement and your post made me feel so much better as I'm in exactly the same position as you. I am 6 months post-partum and I still weigh pretty much the same as when I gave birth which has been hugely disheartening. I am 5'4" and although I only put on 17lb throughout the whole pregnancy, I just can't seem to shift it - despite doing running twice a week and one session of British Military Fitness once a week. I kept fit and active throughout my pregnancy (running/walking, swimming, circuits and yoga right up to birth) and I began exercising again 7 weeks post partum but nothing has shifted. It is immensely disheartening. I started BfL three weeks ago as I did the challenge ten years ago and the effect was phenomenal - I reached all my goals by week 10 and was so fit, healthy slim and strong. So far though I feel that nothing has changed yet. I am also trying to tell myself that as I'm older now (35) it may take longer and I think the post that said it's like a fulcrum is probably right so I think we should stick with it, see it through, redouble our efforts and take it one workout/meal at a time. I'll be your mummy-tummy buddy if you'll be mine!

  • Just a little reminder from Mom-to-mom sleep or lack of affects our progress  too.  It is especially hard with new babies to get enough sometimes.  With your BFL planning try to plan sleep time just like you would meal and workout time.  If our bodies are overly stressed or tired they do not have adequate time to regenerate and therefore results will come slower!  I have to set a Mom bedtime timer on my watch so I can pay attention and get enough sleep.  I know it sounds a bit cheesy but it works for me.

  • Triathlon mom, great point. Sleep might be one of my issues. I hate to go to bed early when I finally have some free time! :)

    Britgirl, I would LOVE to be your mummy-tummy buddy. I laughed out loud when I read that. It's a perfect "title"! I'm so sorry that you are struggling like me, but I have to admit its nice to have company. I too did BFL several years ago and saw some great results, tho I went and got pregnant with my first, and lost it all :) Well worth it. The British Military Fitness sounds kinda cool, and intense. What is it exactly? I take a combat class once, sometimes twice, a week. It's a combination of martial arts, boxing, kickboxing - super fun and a great workout! It is what got me back into the gym so quickly after this last pregnancy.

    I started the EAS supplement Betagen today, we'll see if that makes a difference. Are you using any supplements? I didn't use much of them last time around, but i probably would have seen better results had I used them more. Let's check in with each other once a week or so - somehow. Does that work?

  • It's true, I don't have any other option. I've considered the hormone thing, potential thyroid stuff, and even some medication that I'm on. It could be all of those thing, hopefully none of them :) I guess I just figure I'll plug away and if I get a lot further down the BFL road and am still not seeing results, I will look into those things more. I am trying to boost my metabolism/thyroid naturally with omega-3s and cinnamon. I will work on getting those cardio's really up there. Getting to the place where my struggles are motivating and pushing me to work harder has been a challenge. I'm doing it tho, for the most part :) Thanks for your post!