ITCHY Skin!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Has anyone experienced itchy skin from the supplements? If so what did you do if anything the relieve this? Thanks Sergio, One more thing when doing the challenge did everyone follow the work out routine exactly as on in the book?

  • Check to see if any of them have niacin. Niacin, not niacinamide. Niacin will dilate your capillaries and make you feel sort of itchy and as if your ears, knees, elbows and nose are burning. Other than that I suppose you could be allergic to something in them.

  • Thanks I'll look into it. Sergio

  • have you ever been itchy before?  Is your skin dry?  I remember having an itchy issue years ago while working out, but was because of taking way too many hot showers with soaps and shampoos drying me out and causing the itch.  Now I take cooler showers and lotion up afterwards to help keep the moisture in, use shampoos every few days, and only soap the areas that really need it lol...