help me

  • I could only use a tag to get started could not post.....I am starting monday and would like help

  • Hey pasta864, you are welcome to join our group "starting monday nov 28!!!" we are just about to start week 2 but you can read all our posts from week 1, and we have some members who started Dec 1. Also good to have as many supporters as possible. Anyways hope to see you there!


  • Pasta....all the best to as you begin your bfl challenge. Be patient and disciplined in your eating and watch your body chane before your eyes.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • My most sincere wishes for you sucess during your upcoming challenge.  I know it will not be easy during the holidays but with determination I am sure you will triumph over any obstacles and finish the 12 weeks of BFL (not to be confused with the 10 days of christmas).