Going on Holiday Week 11&12, help!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Malcolm from New Zealand here.  I'm in week seven and experiencing fantastic results, I'm down 7kg (15lb) and looking a lot leaner.  I'm really motivated and feeling great....but I'm going on holiday over Christmas into Abel Tasman National Park on a small sailboat with my family.  I won't have any weights or a gym within reach.  I'll have no problem with the cardio workouts because I can swim or run along the beach, but I'm wondering how I'll manage my resistance training.

    I've had a bit of a practice at home (single leg rise on toes with my 9yr old 30kg daughter sitting on my shoulders worked well...and I have a 24kg 7yr old son to provide weight variety LOL!) but I could really use some help finding a set of exercises that improvise on the gym machines and that will help me continue some progress.  Maybe someone knows of a web-site or youtube workout that might help.

    I'm thinking that I'll be happy with small gains in week 11 and 12 then when I get home I'll repeat the weeks at the gym so I have a 14 week programme instead of the 12 standard.

    Right now I'm thinking I'll take some water containers that I can fill up for improvised dumb-bells for side raises and hammer curls, Abs will be no problem, might try push ups (maybe with kids adding some resistance).  I'm sure I'll work it out and have a fun time but any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


    kia kaha


  • How about a resistance band....small and travels easily.....I usually use them for biceps and triceps, but you can do tons of other exercises with them.....