My Transformation to date...

  • All,

    To begin with a little about me.  I began my Transformation back on January 3rd of 2011.  So basically I am almost 10 full months in.  I am 5'10" and at the time I was 240lbs and just over 33% BF.   I am currently 184lbs at 13.5% BF ( This was as of Oct. 16th ).

    I began with the Body for Life principals in the beginning and still eat by the Body for Life Plan as well as the cardio.  I switch up the way I train, but I train with intensity.  I wanted to post a couple of my before and after pics in hopes of inspiring some of you that may be just starting or are wandering if this is worth it.  I tell you what, It is very worth it!!!!!!!

    This year has brought many challenges along the way.  I went through a bad break-up; have been sick more then ever this year; had to move; varying work schedules; vacations; etc..  I point this out because through it all I had to plan, plan, plan,..  I never forget why I started and where I want to be.  I have also learned to be more patient then ever for those results we all want so bad.  I just want to remind everyone to never lose your focus, stay on course, and there will be bumps in the road.  The good things about these bumps is we learn from them and never stop..

    Good luck to everyone!!!


  • Great work!!!  All that effort shows and payed off.  Outstanding accomplishment too on the weight and body fat loss as well.

  • Dude!! You Look awsome man!!! Great job!! Have someone take a picture of you so we can see your shoulders and arms? Again great job!!!!!

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  • WOW amazing for real!! I have been at it just a week later than you started jan.10, at 262 now @ 219 as of yesterday. Still have some bodyfat issues that Im working on but come 12/31 I plan to make my body look like yours.. truly an inspiration!! thank you.

  • You're a RockStar, nothing else needs to be said.

  • Seriously, congratulations.  Persistence and planning will pay dividends.  I really appreciate the fact that your pictures show a more realistic timetable.  I know alot of people expect these kinds of results in 12 wks and it just doesn't happen.  At the 6 month mark I see alot of changes, I also see how far I have to go.  Thanks for sharing the pics, they can be very motivating and again, congrats.  Job well done.

  • Excellent work. Your transformation is a testimony that dedication and consistency will get you where you want to be. My hat is off to you. Keep up the good work.

  • Brent,

    Outstanding results!!! I started January 17th... I'm 5'8" ... 44 years old - was 244 lbs and now down to 197 lbs. I've plateau'd many times for what seem like long periods but "slowly but surely" I'm seeing some good results too. I did two challenges of BFL and just now finished my first round of P90X. I'm starting another round of P90X and hope to shed another several pounds. Truly inspiring pics you've posted. Keep up the good work!!!!

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  • Wow!!!!!!  That's quite a transformation.  Congratulations!!  13.5% BF is unbelievable.

  • Came back to look a second time....yup, Rock Star!!!

  • WOW....that is an amazing transformation. Well done. Congratulations!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thanks for sharing your journey. It was a real and positive post, and shows how this is not a diet that you drop when things get tough, but a live-it that helps you be in better shape to get over the speed bumps life throws at you. Keep it up, you look great, and I hope things are going great!


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  • crazzzzzzzzzzzzy awesome!

  • Brent, thank you for posting and yes, this helps keep me motivated and focused.  Congratulations on your success!