12 weeks finished w/pics

  • So I finished my 1st BFL challenge.  I didn't miss a workout, got the eating right about 85% of the time and reached my goal (on the last day!) of losing 7lbs.  I also cut my 3 mile time by 5 minutes!!  I'm much stronger, leaner and people have noticed the change.  I feel great and on my first day of AR couldn't sleep past 4:45 a.m. (when I normally go to the gym).  I'm taking this week off (still doing cardio, but low intensity/longer duration) and will start anew on Monday.  Thanks to all for the advice and support.  These forums kept me honest and kept me going when I wanted to cheat.  This has become a lifestyle.  My transformation isn't that great because I was a "normal" weight before but I've always wanted to lose those last 10lbs that stood between looking good in clothes and being lean and toned.  I'm going for the last 3 for my next challenge and am aiming for the washboard abs.  Wish me luck!

    The pics are really bad because I did them myself with and half heartedly because I never expected to finish and with  a not so great camera phone but feel I should post in honor of those brave souls before me whose pics kept me going.


    Height 5'5ish

    Starting weight 122

    Ending weight 115

    Lost 1-2 pant sizes...have to buy new clothes because all the old ones are literally falling off!




  • Julie!  well done!!!  I am serious now, have been going thru this for a while but not giving it all i have for fear of my body not doing it?!?!!?  hahahaaha  - i know, stupido!  So thanx for posting, you can see the changes - and if you are anything like me, it isn't about the 12wks, it is about the lifelong change of health and wellbeing!

    Thanx for sharing!!

    Amber xoxo

  • Congratulations. You looked good before but now you look GREAT!  Look at those abs!


  • Congratulations.   THose abs are showing up now.  Great work,  I can relate to the pant sizes (I dropped two of them at work during my last challenge that just ended too).  IT's like all the folks have said to me regarding diet and exercise....."The More You Do the LESS of You there is to SEE!"

  • WELL DONE!!! you can see a huge difference in your abs and even your thigh and hip area....very motivating!!!