Baffled and Perplexed

  • Well, I read in the original bfl book that if you eat salmon 2-3 times per week then you don't need to take a fish oil supplement so that's why I eat it a lot- to get those omegas that help boost fat burning :-)  

    I usually bake, broil, or grill salmon (use lemon pepper, squeeze a little bit of fresh salmon and garlic salt or Emerils fish rub.  BUT, my 3 year old really likes salmon patties :-)  I get the canned salmon (my mom gets the salmon filet and tears it up into shreds- she says it takes no time at all), mix 14 oz of the salmon with 1 egg and some crumbled crackers (enough to where a patty can be formed and it's not runny), cook it on the stove until both sides are done.  You can add some salt, pepper, lite soy, and basil to the mix if you want.   I love them too :-)  They are a childhood favorite and good for you!  I'm making them tonight.

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  • The reason I asked is because the book says THREE times a week but you mentioned, daily... Just a question!

  • Oh, yes, I have eaten it every day THIS week for dinner :-)    The calories in 3 oz of salmon are close to a chicken *** with 2 more grams of unsaturated fat.  I don't eat  red meat, just chicken & fish so I figure that 3-4 ounces of salmon per day are okay for me.  I think it's okay to eat it once per day but if I'm wrong someone correct me.  It just really hits the spot for me right now- i looove it!

    ~Let every opposition strengthen you, not stop you~

  • I read 'somewhere' that we shouldn't eat more than 3 servings a week of TUNA because of the tuna being in mercury-contaminated waters... Does this apply to salmon as well? Who knows this answer?

    ALSO, I heard that when taking fish oil, to be careful that the FISH came from a good source of unpolluted water...It is rather disturbing to me to see all the warnings about so many foods in our kitchens!!

  • I have heard all of the above but not about the salmon in mercury-contaminated waters.  My fish oil supplement is pure.. I took my little list (of what should NOT be in the fish oil) to the health food store when I was in Austin and the fish oil capsules I bought contain excellent quality stuff.  When I get off my salmon kick I'll start taking them.  

    ~Let every opposition strengthen you, not stop you~