12 Weeks and Im finaly finished!

  • WOW!! Spectacular job. All your hard work and discipline has paid off! Keep it up.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Awesome job !!!!!!!

  • All I can say is WOW!  I'm on Day 2 of my challenge and it's transformations like yours that will keep me hopeful.  Take care.


  • Tim, started on 9/11, so i'm in day 3.  have to tell you i'm a big procrastinator, and i'll come up with any excuse under the sun to keep procrastinating.  i was going to start on 8/27, but my big toe hurt.  then i was going to start on 9/4, but slept wrong, then i was going to start on 9/5, but had heartburn...you get the picture.  anyway i was pretty p.o'ed at myself about not starting.  But last friday i saw your transformation pics, and it really got me off my duff and actually started.  actually, your b4 pic looks pretty much the way i do now.  hoping to look like your after pic, but if i could look half as good as you on week 12 i'll be a happy man.

  • I want to share with you that I was the same way about procrastinating. As a matter of a fact alot of things in my daily life were like that. But when I made the decision to enter the Challenge all that had to change. I didnt get to where Im at making excuses. I wanted this more thand anything in my life for those 12 weeks. And you are going to have that same mentality if you want those kind of results. This takes dedication, dicipline and sacrifice. Just to let you in on a little bit that I had to endure in these 12 weeks. I had tendenitise in my right elbow and sholder. 5th week in I injured my left shoulder and couldnt lift weights for that week but I still did cardio. Left shoulder is still injured lightly but I finished out my challenge. And I went on vacation for a week and stiil trained at a gym and ate right everyday. Your gonna ache and be soar and have nights your not going to sleep good. Your going to irritable and hate life some days but you have to trudge through them and make it to the gym anyway.You got to want this thing that much if you want the transformation. Im glad I could be a inspiration. Good luck. Now get out there and do it!

    "Everybody falls down, it's all about how fast you get back up. So Get Up!" 

  • way to go Tim. Thanks for the inspiration....

  • HOLY BEEJESUS!!! (sorry for the profanity) that is amazing.......WELL DONE TIM, VERY VERY INSPIRING!!!!!!!!

  • wow simply WOW!!! you made the clock go backwards! way to go!!

  • Yes, congrats you look amazing.  What sort of supplements did you use?  Follow BFL program 100% or make any adaptations?  Please share how "did it"....

  • Looking young, fit, athletic, healthy and strong...amazing. Thank you for being my motivator, I am entering the second half of my 12 weeks and have every intention of pulling of your degree of success. congratulations!!

    Whether you think you can or think you cannot, your right.

  • Great job! Thanks for posting your pics, it really gives those of us just starting more motivation! Keep it up!

  • Thank you. I followed the book to a T. I used CLA. EFA. Whey protien. Myoplex and Creatine and muscle armour for half of the challenge. The only adjustments I made was addinf extra low intensity cardio in the evenings( Last 4 weeks) Also cut out carbs after 5PM (Last 4 weeks) I strongly suggest going by the book. Although anyone should pay great attention to the amount of food intake. The closed fist and open palm therory can be misleading. It wasnt untill in my 7th week when I talked to a personal trainer about my weight loss plateau. After talking with him he said that was eating all the right foods, but just a little to much of it. This small miscalculation was keeping me from burning off fat. Once I mad the adjustment to my diet I started sliming down very quickly. Hope this info helps. Good Luck and remember to hit those 10's!

    "Everybody falls down, it's all about how fast you get back up. So Get Up!" 

  • Tim,

    I have taken that many before shots!  Your pic, and a few others I have just collected the last two days, are doing it for me!  I know that I'm no different from any other challenger, just that they have done what had to be done, and I haven't!

    I have just finished my HIIT and felt stronger than before and looking forward to sitting down tonight and plotting out my calendar for the next month - has to be done and then facing my fear and getting to the gym - i need heavier weights, i keep going too comfortable at home but can't stand waiting around at the gym!  Maybe another excuse???  You could be right!

    Well done and thank you for sharing xoxoxo

  • you look AMAZING.

  • I have just started my challenge and the people who share their transformation are very motivating.  Thanks a bunch for sharing