12 Weeks and Im finaly finished!



    "Everybody falls down, it's all about how fast you get back up. So Get Up!" 

  • GREAT JOB TIM!!!  I'm about to start week 3, and your pictures are very motivating!  Congratulations on your amazing transformation!

  • WOW, Tim! I'm on day 4 and I agree--you should be proud! What a tremendous success your challenge has been!

  • Holy Schmoly! Great job! Im on day 3 and you're a great inspiration!!!

  • Very proud of you!! I'm on week 2 starting tomorrow. You just got me amped!!

  • Right on!  Thanks for posting your pics!

  • FANTASTIC! You look so much happier and younger in your 12 week picture. Thanks for posting, it certainly inspires us all to keep going!

    It's never too late to be what you might have been ~ George Elliot

  • Congrats on finishing 12 weeks, you look great!

  • Bloody bonza effort mate.. well done !

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • Wow! Fantastic transformation. I am beginning week 6 and your pic is the motivation I need to get to the second part of my challenge, congrats!

  • Great job!!  Thanks for posting.  You look amazing and about 15 years younger.  

  • Wow, Tim great job fantastic work and I wish you the best if you are entering the contest. I think you may have a good chance of contending for the prize. Your efforts in the gym and with the clean eating have not gone unrewarded. Way to go!!

  • you look just like a picture in the BFL book!  And you look 10 years younger from your b4 pic.  GREAT JOB!!!! wowowowowowowowoow

  • Hooray for you!!!!!  You did a fantastic job!  I start tomorrow!  I can't wait to have the smile on my face that you have in your AFTER PICS!!!!  Holy COW!!!  

  • Very nice work!!

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