C1 - Week 8 Progress w/Pics

  • Hey there BFL Community,

    Figured I would join in on the "fun" of showing my photos, I suppose its character building......

    For scale I have lost 27.4 pounds and 7" off of my waist (around the belly button line) in my 8 weeks this far. 

    Positive criticisms are welcome, I appreciate the feedback in advance.

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    Texas Brez

  • That is some really serious improvement in 8 weeks. You will get no criticism from me. Keep up the good work.

  • Wow!  Nice work so far.  By the 12th week, you should look really buff.  Good for you!

  • After only 8 weeks? That is a fabulous change already!

  • Awesome! Congratulations :)

  • WOW! Way to go! Your hard work really shows! You can see the changes in your abs and face! Great job. Looking forward to seeing your 12 week pictures. As always it is such an inspiration and motivator when others post their progress. :)

    It's never too late to be what you might have been ~ George Elliot

  • Great work in just 8 weeks. Your posture and loss of body fat are very noticeable . Keep up the good work and be sure to finish with all of us!!!! Way to Go Guy!!

  • Fantastic - I also can see your hair growing too! Maybe you could keep it growing all the way through day 84. ha.

    Keep on and make it happen!


  • Awesome results so far!  27 lbs and 7 inches in only 8 weeks - that is fabulous!  Congrats to you!

  • Awesome progress brez 4 more weeks u got this man!

  • Massive result - well done - time to smash those last 4 weeks

  • You look great - can see the fat loss everywhere, but particularly in the face & belly, well done on your BFL efforts, you should feel very proud of yourself.

  • awesome job!!!! what's to criticize???? nothing mate, it's all good in the hood....hahahaha...cant wait to see your 12 week pics

  • wow...doing great....in the home stretch now!  keep up the good work!

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words and motivation from everyone, it is very encouraging especially when the desire to binge still lingers in the brain.  I think more so than the weight and inch loss I am really enjoying getting stronger again.  Long story short, I had some pretty heinous injuries over the years and who you see in the photos is not the real me, it is nice getting rid of this fat suit and getting back to who I really am.  In fact, I joined a adult baseball league and tonight is the first training, I'm very excited!

    @ SpartanMan - Yes, the hair is being grown out, a bucket list thing.  

    Semper Fi,

    Texas Brez