• OMG!! HATE posting this, but it's gotta be done, dont laugh at my pink undies!!!


    This is after 4 weeks. Not much change, but it's still early days. Im on my day off today, YAY!!! The biggest buzz is how i feel, I just feel sooooo good! I cant wait till the notorious 8 week mark!!

  • i couldnt get the sizing right, so my before looks bigger

  • you can DEFINATELY see a difference, especially around your waist and abs!  Well done!

  • thanks Angelcake...your pictures are amazing too, it was actually after seeing your pics I decided I was going to put mine up too to hold me accountable to double thanks ;)

  • Wow-  Looks like you're doing great work!  I see an awesome transformation on its way!  Very clear changes have already been made.  WAY TO GO!!



  • GREAT WORK TO YOU SAWIETY!!!! I just checked out your profile pics........ awesome Job and 46years OMG!!!! youre an inspiration!!!!

  • You look faxtastic!  You should be very proud of what you have already accomplished!  Great Job!

  • You've leaned out a lot! Congrats! I am taking my four week ones this Sunday. Kind of looking forward to it.

  • I can really tell in your abs.  I think you are doing just fine for only 4 weeks!!!

  • Great results for just 4 weeks.  Keep up the great progress!!!

  • awesome

    my day to day blog on BFL can be found here :

    James Rickards


  • THANK YOU SO MUCH James R, WPBill, patricaae99, thelibrarian1976, and kabbott!!!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and give such great encouragement  :)

  • You can definitely tell that you have gotten smaller....keep it up! :)  Your 1/3 of the way there.

  • Not much change???  Are you kidding me?!   You are doing great!!   Keep it up!!

  • Great job.  Keep up the good work.