No week 8 miracle, week 9 yes!

  • See below, now the pictures work...yay!  :-)

  • Drat, the system will not let me upload jpegs?  Wow...I'll try again!

     It's not working!  Oh well, I better contact the admin! 



      This is fabulous to hear!  How exciting!  Can't wait to see your photos.  I bet in 3 weeks you'll be super hot!  WAY TO GO.

  • Awesome news! Melting how? 3 lbs, 5 lbs? more? I am just starting week 9 and can't wait for things like that to start happening.

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  • This is after 6 weeks

    this is after 9 weeks

  • My story...

    I gained 30 pounds after my surgery, and decided to try BFL because my trainer thinks this will be more time friendly.  I have been fit half of my life, but when hormones kick in it becomes difficult.  I was suffering from insulin resistance and excess estrogen.  Because of that, I had emergency surgery one day to remove a ovarian cyst which made my ovary swell is 7 inches in diameter.  Then I got really upset that I actually had health problems.  However, even hormones can't kill a good hard working body.'s working, well starting to work.....  With hard work, I balanced my hormones, and have sped up my metabolism.

    I was doing the program religiously with minimal results for the first 8 weeks.  Then at week 9 the weight is started to melt.  I've done BFL before, but I never was as focused.  I have had personal trainer  for year, who is very helpful so I never figured I needed to do this type of program because until the surgery I was very fit.  After the surgery, like I said above, my trainer said you can try BFL again, but put you all into it this time.   He's a god-send, and plus he loves Bill Philips's philosophy.

    The first 6 weeks were slow, but by mid week of week 9 it's like the weight is melting.  Here's my photos! *excuse the messy hair!!*  I just took a shower!

    I will post in another 3 weeks, promise!

  • You look great.  Congratulations!  You should be very proud of your accomplishments so far!

  • Looking great. I am on week 11, day 7... having so much fun

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • Congratulations on your wonderful progress!  keep up the good work

  • Thank you everyone for your support.  Here's a side by side comparison!  It's slower than I'm used to, but physically I look better!  :-)


  • Wow,  Great results.  I hope to see more changes this week in myself as well. I am actually entering my 8th week as of yesterday.  I am glad you got the photos to take this time.  That reminds me I still should do my mid program photos this week as well. Thanks for the reminder too!  Keep up the great work!

  • Congrats! :) I am coming up to the end of week 4...and taking a set of pics this Sunday...not sure if I'll post or not...but thanks for sharing, I find it inspiring!

  • Thank you WPBill and thelibrarian for the well wishes.  I'm working hard too.  It works, it was a little slower that my usual methods, but the results are more steady.  I will take pictures at 12 weeks.


    Next week is vacation week, and I'm scared about overating. I can exercise, and I will, but I have to confess that I am going to enjoy myself.