The new me. Pictures.

  • Wow do look incredible and look like you've lost way more than 14 lbs.  That just goes to show you that increasing muscle does a body good!  Do you mind me asking you how tall you are?  My goal is 140 and that is actually about 5 pounds heavier than I used to be, but I am going on 46 in a few months and am trying to be realistic.  I actually used to have really good abs (and a six pack during one REALLY dedicated time in my life about 10 years ago) but the lower tummy area is my most troublesome and I'm not sure that I will be able to tone it and have it look as good as yours at 140.  You look FANTASTIC!  Also....I'm with you on the cardio.  I always do it in the morning also and, although I dread it some days, I always feel great for the rest of the day.  It also clears my head and gets me ready for whatever challenges are thrown at me at work.  Thanks for posting your REALLY have me excited to finish my challenge now!  Congratulations!

  • You Look Great! Good Going! Keep it up!

    "Everybody falls down, it's all about how fast you get back up. So Get Up!" 

  • Mads you look great! Congrats on your transformation!

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • I can see them now, WOW, you look a lot lighter than your after weight! well done.    I weigh 130lbs after my challenge and you look trimmer than me!!  Well done, I'll be back for Challenge 2 next week....  Again, congratulations, it's a hard road but you have got the results.  Really happy for you.  ;-)

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • I am only 5'4" so that's still heavy for my height. However I have played high level soccer my whole life which gives me a good amount of leg muscle. Also I am bigger boned and bigger chested for my height so that may explain part of the scale numbers. But still I don't want to make excuses for myself.

  • You look incredible at 140 for being 5'4".  That just goes to show you how much muscle you have.  You look great and I hope that I can look that good at the end of my challenge.  I am on day 28 and I've already lost 13 pounds but I've got 14 more to go!  I can do this!  Thanks for the motivation!

  • You look awesome! Way to go!!

  • WOW! ..Good job..;)

  • Hey Mads1393! I'm in total awe! From beginning of C1 to half way through C2 you saw drastic results.

    I'm just asking everyone that has completed: did you use CLA? Or fat burners? I'm wondering because my weight loss is very low and I've been almost perfect! It's frustrating, but I don't want to let that get me down when I still have two weeks to go.

    Please let me know!

  • Great job!!! Dedication and commitment will take you a long way good job again.!!!

  • You look amazing....can't wait to get there!  I just started my challenge 3 days ago...

    Looking at your transformation is keeping me motivated!

  • Mads...did you use any supplements during your challenge?

    Did you exercise more than the program called for?

  • I did not use any fat burners, CLA, or supplements. I did it all naturally. I also could not afford myoplex so I did not use those either.

  • tremendous results, you look fab.... I have been trying to upload pics but it isn't working. How did you go about upload them, let alone 4 pics.?

  • CST- thank you :) and I had to downsize my photos because they weren't loading however it still took a long time for the pictures to upload! I hope it works for you!