20 Pounds, 12 inches in my first challenge (with pics)

  • Here's the result of my 1st 12 week challenge. I start my 2nd challenge on August 8th and this time I'm going to officially enter the contest, bikini and all. Eek!


    total pounds lost: 20
    total inches lost: 12 





  • Congrats to you!  Great Job!

  • OMGOSH! My eyes just popped when i saw even the 8 week pics, you go girl, you are looking AMAZING and theres a HUGE diff, you must feel fantastic! : )

  • Can't see your pics :(  Can you post the final ones to your profile? I know it will help me get through the next 8 weeks!  Congratulations btw!!!

  • Wow, GREAT job!! You look amazing!!

  • Congrats! My before pics have my nosey cat in them, too...haha :)

    You look great.

  • This is the most impressive transformation ever, from a cat to a baby....WHAT?!?!?  All joking aside, I'm glad the world's greatest mom took some time to be selfish, good for you!

  • A great transformation as evidenced by your photos as well. Best of wishes in all future challenges as well.  

  • Congratulations!  You look fabulous.  You should be very proud of your accomplishments!  Best of luck to you in your 2nd challenge!

  • yes!  I can see the pics finally.  DEFINITELY pose with the bikini next time as you can see so much more change.  You almost look like a different person!  Your belly really went down.  great job!  I'm starting again Aug 8 too!