Starting August 8th, BFLUNWFASC, Please Join Me

  • Here!  (standing up for roll call)

    I have to wait until after work today to do my workout.  i'm starting with a cardio day.  Think I will do the crossramp elliptical today at my gym.  (I lke to rotate between, running, bike, 2 kinds of eilliptical, and the stepper.)  I'm going to add jump rope soon too.

  • please add me too. Technically I started yesterday, this is my first time trying BFL and am super excited.

    Did UBWO yesterday and will be getting in my cardio tonight!

  • I'm in too. This will be my second challenge. I lost 38lbs during C1. It's been  10 months since and I've gained 20lbs back. Starting C2 at 248lbs. Goal Weight: 215lbs.

  • Welcome natbloom and 52 squared!

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Hi everyone! I'm here, starting another challenge. Not sure which number to call it, since I've started lots of times, but only finished once before. I've had a lot of success when I've stuck with it, but the hard part is sticking with it.

    I recently trained for and ran a couple of sprint-distance triathlons, and yet somehow I'm still at my highest weight ever. I keep thinking about how well body for life worked before, and how not-so-well my triathlon training is going, even with a professional trainer at the gym helping me. So I decided to go back to body-for-life, but also add in a couple days of swimming and biking on top of the HIIT, since I still want to train for an Olympic-distance tri in October.

    Day 1 is going well so far. I did an upper body workout this morning, and I've stayed on track with my nutrition goals so far. I'm excited and psyched for this challenge.

    Good luck to all of you!

  • I'm in too.  I started this morning August 8th.  I have been working out most of my life but have periods where I just slack and get out of shape.  I really let it go while my wife was pregnant getting up to now (220lbs) with a 36" waist.  My ultimate goal is to drop to a very lean 185lbs and a comfortable 34" waist.  I'm looking forward to it!

  • Welcome Jenn321 and Colbyward!

    I got up on time and got to the gym around 5:15am. Ellen went to sauna and I headed to the treadmill. I was excited to see that the group of treadmills to the left were all available. I hopped on the first one but the track started making a loud noise so I moved over to the next one. About 5 minutes into my HIIT workout (Level 8) it started to slow down but was still showing 8.5MPH. I moved over to the right again and programmed it for 9.0MPH and after 25-30 seconds the same thing happened. I jumped off before it came to a stop and run over to the ellipticals. A couple on the other group of treadmills gave me a weird look. I did three 4 minute sets of TABATA sprints with a minute of rest inbetween and ended up with 1.38miles average heart rate of 146. I went back to the broken treadmill and it said "Error: A0-E0" and I reported it to the front desk guy.

    I make a shake before my drive to work. 8oz coconut milk, 3 strawberries, and 1 scoop of 100% egg protein 24g. It was too thick to drink so I finished it when I got to work.

    I am feeling awesome about this challenge. The scale was down 5 pounds from Sunday but I know I was just bloated.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Good Job Bryan! Keep it up.

    I got a later start (my newborn son dictates my hours).  I got into the gym at 8:30 this morn and did my 20min aerobic on the Exercise Bike.  Didn't eat before or an hour after.  Ate an omlet with whole wheat toast at ten.  Feeling pretty good, although a bit sore from the upper-body workout yesterday.  I know this will be worse tomorrow, but looking forward to the gains.  Feeling more energetic already which is a bit surprising and less hungry than yesterday.

    So far so good.

  • It's late here and I plan to wake in 6 hours for a new Tae Bo DVD in the basement.  So i'll try to be brief.  We got the call today that my husband's grandma passed away.  He decided to leave work early, he knew I was planning on doing my workout still after work and told me to still do it, he didn't want to change my plans.  So I did, but I was so distracted, thinking I should be home.  I was doing my LBWO, and on the radio I swear the song was singing "I need to be at home" or at least I thought that's what I heard.  So I didn't finish calves and everything else was not a '10'.  I called him to ask if he wanted me to pick up anything for supper that he would like and I would cook it.  He LOVES his comfort food, many days of the week.

    He said "Taco Bell, does that sound good to you?"

     I said what I usually say, "I'll pick some up for you."  

    "Aren't you going to eat?  Why aren't you going to eat?"

    "Well, I want something healthier so I'll just cook up some fish at home."  This is where I start to cringe, 'cuz now I'm implying he's not eating healthy.  Which of course is true, but depending on his mood, things can turn sour here.  And seeing his grandma just passed, I want to show him I support him.

    Then he argues, "Taco Bell is good for you."

    "......."  Inside I'm like, ????  I think it was his grief talking.  And there are times he tries to get me to eat what he's eating so he doesn't feel bad eating it.  I know the last thing I need to do is start an argument or inadvertently point out to him that fast food is bad.  

    So long story short:  I get to Taco Bell, they are backed up, I see them throwing food together all over the place.  I am SO GLAD I didn't get myself anything from there.  I finally get home and he says, "what took so long?"  grrrrrr.  I made myself tilapia with grapeseed oil in the frypan, stirfry veggies and leftover grilled potatoes.  And I have taco meat in the freezer if I really had wanted a taco.  And no, husband is picky eater, he would not have been satisfied with the taco meat in the freezer.

    We'll be gone for 2 days, not sure how I will fit my workouts in, or what food will be available to eat.  I did pack a set of workout clothes in case I can go for a run in the morning b4 everyone gets up.  And I'll bring a 4-pack of Advantedge and some salty nuts so hopefully I'm not peeing all the time.

    speaking of... I've been tracking my water intake and have been drinking  a whole gallon (16 cups) each day since the challenge started!  awesome.  I usually only make it to 10-12 cups.

  • Good Morning!!!

    I am here and doing well.  Just wanted to say hello to all you newcomers.  I also wanted to say that it is hard work, but you can do it.  If you have any questions or concerns.  I am sure some of us who have been here for a while can and will help.  Just ask.


  • Today is an evening workout day and it feels weird to be back at work having not workout out since I left yesterday but tomorrow when I get to work I will have completed 2 workouts. I am shuffling around my weekly schedule to get everything to fit together nicely. I have one version of my week that I will do while Ellen is still here and another that I will switch to when she heads back to school. Eating is going great. No cravings and only hunger during my long commute home but I feel mental power over it and it does not affect my mood. I am down 3 pounds since last Wednesday morning. After spending 5 weeks in the 180's since the honeymoon I am hoping to be back in the 170s by the weekend or next week but even if my weight goes up I will not let it effect my motivation as I am lifting heavier and could possibly lose no weight this challenge and just gain muscle and lose fat. We shall see. Unlike the last 2 challenges I am optimistic and not fearing failure or not reaching my goals. There was a billboard for UTA that said "Push your limits where there are not any." I have never reached a point where I can't push harder. I have had mental setbacks and a few short injuries but overall nothing is holding me back but myself. I washed a load of jeans and only 1 pair fit. There is some motivation right there.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Hi Bryan,

    Please add me as well.  It will be my first challenge.

  • Welcome Dee Dee. I added you to me list. We now have 16!


    In order to track progress and push myself further I am putting my stat/chart tracking skills to use. In the past I just kept a mental note of my weight on my 6 rep sets and just counted down to figure my starting set and sometimes I did the same workout for weeks. My goal this challenge is to do splits and supersets and increase in weight or volume every weeks.

    Here come the charts....

    Body measurements since C1

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Champster (again) sent a thought provoking message today. She wrote:

    "Never look back, it's usually not worth turning your neck for".

    Let's all keep our eyes focused ahead on our personal goals. 12 weeks WILL fly by.


  • Good Morning!

    I got in my cardio before work today. 2.0mi in 20 mins of Outdoor HIIT. I did a 2 min cool down then I jogged the rest of the way home. Ended up with 2.93mi in 31 mins. I am looking forward to starting my training plan next week. My short run will range from 3-5 miles and my long runs will start at 4.5 miles and work up to 11.

    I got on the scale this morning and it said 178.4 which is where I was the week before the wedding 6 week ago but with 1 pound less fat. I have lost 8 pounds of weight and 4.3 pounds of fat since the Honeymoon binge week. I am down 3.3 pounds of fat since last Wednesday but also down 3 pounds of LBM. I am still trying to figure out the stupid body fat calculator and how it considers intestinal content and bloating.

    The water is off at work today for city construction so that put a slight wrench into my usual 3 cup of coffee 3-5 liters of water and using the restroom every 45-90 minutes. Luckily my aunt lives close by in case of emergency ;)


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”