The kg vs. The cm??

  • I’m doing the BFL program. I’ve lost 24cm in my first 12 days and another 30cm in a week. I’m happy, BUT I’m not losing weight (kg) only lost 2.6kg in 19 days. Do I need to change my diet or will the kg follow the cm in time??


    cm = cm lost all over - everything added up :-)

  • Who cares? lol A dress that was very tight I could no longer wear is now so loose i can no longer wear it. But I gained 5 pounds on the scales.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I agree with ruby. Throw the scale away. The scale is the worst indicator of success. Instead, like you are doing, go by things like measurements and how your clothes fit. Mucles weighs more than fat. I  have seen some amazing transformations on this site where the person only lost a few pounds of scale weight but their bodies are totally transformed! Keep doing what you are doing. It is working. Stick with it for all 12 weeks and you see your body and life transformed!

    All the best


  • It is true that in the book, that Bill advices you to not go strictly by the scale weight but more by body fat measurement and BMI and of course the change in clothing is also a great indicator of change as well. (I had to go down a full shirt size at work last week for my upper costume and may have to do the same for my pants very soon). WPBILL

  • Just the answer I was looking for, THANX!!!!  

    It that little voice that’s always out to get me!!!

    I’ll stick to what I’m doing.  


  • I was fixated on the scale for my entire first challenge but now in my 2nd challenge I dont.  The main reason is because in 2006 I was 175 pounds.  I am 195 right now but this weekend, I tried on clothes I used to fit in at 175 and I fit and some are loose.  If you think about it in a numbers sense, I should not be able to fit into those clothes when I have 20lbs extra but I do.  

    The scale is a devious monster that is there to discourage you when there are so many better changes that are occuring that it can't tell you about.

  • Im 17 days in and not changed weight hardly but my belly is alot different than it was. You will find that the muscle your adding weighs alot more than the fat your losing. So bin the scales and judge it by the clothes you wear, much better indicator.

    Good luck!