4 weeks pics - scale showing that I gain weight instead of loosing

  • This pictures showing me the day I started BFL I think it was the 6th of june and the progress after 4 weeks on the program.

    I am holding in my stomach as much as I can on the side and front images. Looking like 9 months pregnant if I dont. I am doing so because I do not want to cheet on my before and after pictures. I should have worn the same outfit but will do it for next photo-shoot.

    I have problems now with the weight lifting cause we are on a holiday in our summer house. Bought a couple of dumbbells and a exercise ball, but have problems with exercising my legs. 

    I am feeling bloated now when I am in week 5 and are not getting the same progress. Maybe it is the couple of glasses with wine in the evening. Maybe I need to shock my body. I do not know. Well still in the program and I hope to find that I loose weight.

  • Are you kiding me? You have made excellent progress, I really notice it in your face, perhaps if you feel bloated you should drink more water and try your best to keep the wine down to your freedays, all the best

  • Seriously!!! This is after 4 weeks!!!!! OMG! This awesome Maria... You are seriously kicking butt. I'm in Week 6 and haven't see these kind of results. You go girl!!

  • Yeah, I'm with Fightingfit and Berney 2000, I don't think your looking at these before and after pics through a unbiased lens.  I can see it in your face tremendously, but additionally your legs look very smooth now compared to the before photos.  Lastly, you are developing a nice line around your oblique and ab wall, good job!!!

    I would say you should stop drinking though, just my two cents (not that its hurting you from the photos).  

    Semper Fi,

    Texas Brez

  • You look great. I especially notice it in your back shots and in your face too.

  • You are doing awesome, buy do not celebrate yet.....this is when it gets tough because you may not see results for a few more weeks, but stay the course you can do this.  And remember, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, it's 80%!!  You can't work off that wine, hold off and reward yourself with only 1 glass a month if possible.  Good luck to you!

  • I was a very heavy drinker (1 bottle of red or more a day) and now I cannot have any as it drains my energy... I drank 4 bottles of week 3, 3 bottles of week 4, 5 glasses week 5 and now near the end of week 6 hav had zero for this week and I am doing great... frankly do not even miss it..... go cold turkey... it will hurt in the head for 3-5 days but you will get even better results on BFL

    BTW - you look much better now and are doing great.... just have water or 2 every time you want a wine

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • You have some wonderful results, but I do agree that staying as much as possible away from the wine except on a free day once in a while will speed up your progress.  Bill mentions in the book that the alcohol tends to mess with the metabolic rate for longer than a day.  

  • You look really great and it's proof that the scale doesn't mean a thing in terms of the results you're seeing.  Keep up the good work!

  • ON your 'back' pics, I see less flab rolls!  that is indeed an improvement!  I don't get the 'sucking in' part though.  Isn't sucking in cheating?  well I guess if you're successfully sucking in the same for each picture time.

  • You can for sure see the differences!!   Seriously. In the back one, as said, there is less fat and you can see some toning, and in the full frontal, you can see better tone in the ab, and your legs too.   Just keep doing what you are doing, but I also suggest get away from the wine as much as possible.   Keep it up!!!   It's not easy, but you are making good progress!!!

  • Maria, your looking great for 4 weeks and quite noticeable improvements... Can't wait for the 12 weeks pics.  Keep it up.



  • I see a huge difference ALREADY in your legs! There is definition there girl! KEEP ROCKIN' IT!

    My mind and heart are on the mend and now, thanks to BFL, my body isn't too far behind! :-)


  • I think you look terrific. Muscle weighs more than fat anyway. And with women, we gain water weight for no reason. Keep it up!

  • You've done an amazing job at just 4 weeks!  Keep up the good work!!