Week 8 has started!!!!

  • Well i started week 8 day 1 this morning.  Im happy to say I have not missed a workout and eating has been great!  I have tightened up more, so less sugar and no starting free day sat nights!  Although it does feel like ground hog day at the moment! my cardio is fantastic and i really cannot do anymore HIIT after 20mins but tweak for 10 mins after at about a level 7.. my upper body just aches through the workouts but i find legs just yuck as and don't always hit my 10's there.

    My sister looked at me last week and said 'OH MY GOSH! you have shrunk in a week, i didnt see anything till now' I did see a bit of a change last week, but the funny thing was, there was no change in my weight or measurements??? do you think that perhaps my shape just changed a bit?  I took measurements today (first measurements taken week 5, not at start) and theres about an inch in the waist and chest and a little in the hips.  I am really hoping that from this week the big changes will start on in - fingers crossed!!!!!

  • Spinney,

    Your post made me laugh.  Only because the same thing has happened to me.  A couple times in C1 and now one in C2, and I start to question, am I making it up, or has my shape changed. I measure and weigh and nothing statistically significant has changed, yet I look different.  And feel different.  Later on the weight and measurements follow.  So enjoy the change, you are doing great.  

    On your legs, I don't know what you are trying or lifting, but are you using pure form?  Sometimes if your form is not correct, you can't make the improvements you need or push to your tens.  Maybe drop your weight a smidgen and focus on your form.  I bet you will be able to push hard then.  

  • Truth is im a complete SISSY on lower body, its never been my strong point, the trainer who helped set up my weights was having a great laugh watching me do lower body, he said i have a very strong upper body but he could clearly see where my weak point is - lol... my forms good and i can push what i am, i think its more a psychological thing aye.

    Cheers though, oh lord i want to cry on legs - hahaha, i even feel angry sometimes at the pain!

  • *LOL*  ok, I give, you have sissy legs.  

    Seriously, if you can hit your tens on cardio and can push in upper body, that tells me you CAN build your lower body, you just have to get over that hurdle you have in your mind.  

    Hang in there.

  • Yup you are so right! and yes i hammer my cardio's for sure, upper body is near a 10 most times, gotta get over that hurdle - CHEERS : )

  • Well done spinney keep up the good work and push that bit harder on the legs. I have just staretd week today and i feel the same way as yourself. Upper body saw and feeling the difference. It might not look it in the mirror but i can gfeel it.

    And getting ready for my next trip offshore in angola so just brought all my supplements that i will need and some motivational aids for me. I look forward to sharing each others end pictures in 4 and half weeks.

    Best of luck

    Jonny V