Tomorrow is my free day..... and I am very nervous. Help?

  •  I have been on the program since this last Wednesday and chose tomorrow to be my free day since my husband is having guests over and cooking a fabulous meal - and it is nearly a week after my start day. That is reasonable, right?

    Now- I am very afraid of wrecking the first week by derailing my accomplishments. I am afraid I will attack certain unmentionables that are hiding in my freezer. I also want to go to certain fast food joints for every meal. I don't want to go crazy. Any suggestions? I thought about eating just one or two meals un BFL but just healthier. 


    Thanks for the input!


  • Hi Stacy,

    I had written this earlier on the same subject. Some tricks to help you get back on track the day after :o) Click on the link below.

    Don't be afraid to pig out on free day. We've been there. Just try to keep the calories within normal. Eat what you want but don't enter an eating race :o).

    If you want to stay the course of this program, a free day is a must. It doesn't have to be all day. YOu know what works best for you.

    I have heard from some colleagued on here that Bill Phillips changed his mind about free day which is not true. (I'm writing this sentence in particular because they never fail to bring up the subject). In his last interview on January, 11, 2011 he said we can eat whatever we want on a certain day every week and eat clean for the other six days.(available on youtube for anyone curious)

    YOu have earned your free day. Enjoy it.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • The closer you get to your fear, the less power it has.

    One day, one meal, one workout at a time.

    This is about YOU vs YOU.

    Plan your evening and then dont waiver from it.

    If you are following BFL to get results, generally weeks begin on Mondays and Free days are Sundays. Perhaps rereading the book will give you some confidence. The plan is so basic and simple. I think that is why many have troubles with it.

    Just a thought.

  • Legs-

    I love the idea of planning out the day. I think that will help me reign in all the temptations- as for the days- you are saying I need to keep in mind that Free Days remain 7 days apart, right?

    I will make it a goal to do that for the rest of the challenge. I was actually wondering earlier today if we were able to pick just one day- any day a week to have our free day- so you just answered that :)

    Thanks for the encouragement, guys!!

  • bye2babyfat - it doesnt matter which day you pick, however in my opinion, be consistant with the day you choose.

    When I started BFL I chose Fridays. More often than not my whole weekend was a gong show. Especialy with Challenge 2.

    So keep that in mind, set a day and unless something that you cannot control comes up - stick to it. That will give you results.

    It's more about consistancy than which day.

  • I about 2/3 thru my 2nd challenge, and on probably 1/3 of those weeks I've had a meal that was more then I should have..  It seems that every 3 weeks or so my mind tends to forget how HORRIBLE I feel after eating too much.   And I dont mean in a guilt way, in a physical way.  (I mean there is a bit of guilt, but it is my free day, so I dont beat myself up over it).   Then for the next 3 weeks on my free day, I'll enjoy, but wont over indulge.. Then I'll do it again, and realize how bad I feel etc etc.. I'm down about 60 lbs.  Just kinda holding there.   Not going to say I've lost focus on my workouts, as I havent but I'll admit I've probably not been doing my 10's...

    My rambling point?   Eat clean on 6 days, give it your all on your workouts, and your free day wont hurt you.

  • dburg, You are down almost 60 pounds?  Wow!  I mean Wow.  I have had problems with eating on C2 as clean as I did on C1 until this week, now I feel like I am back on the train, and going full speed.  So will make you a deal.  You become a monster in the gym and I will eat perfect the next week and we can compare notes.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread.  

  • I agree firesong, c2 has been harder to eat totally clean.   As far as your challenge goes, sure we'll do that.   I may even goto the gym (there is a nice one I can pay per day on the way home) to give me a better set up. If that seems to help I may even re-join that one.  I'll start on Monday, my evenings are pretty much shot the rest of this week at work, and the AM would be way to close for me to get to work on time, and I'm afraid that I would'nt focus on the exercises properly being worried about the time...

    I've gotten rid of a bunch of fat in other places, but my middle, of course is still being very stubborn :)

  • C2 is more mental. Firesong and dburg30 - keep at it. You are learning to make this for "life" and many friends that have done more than 1 challenge oddly enough felt the same as you and I did. C2 emphasizes commitment within.

    Im proud of you both for not giving in and saying "well this isnt a perfect challenge, Im going to quit". Every day you are reprogramming your "normal" and your body will continue to test you, (well mostly your heads!) however accept your decisions one by one as they become routine.

    I took many detours in C2, but with the help of so many honest and giving friends on this site, I plugged away and I cant imagine not living this way now.

    Enjoy being abnormal, :) while the rest of the world sleeps. Rock that workout today!!

  • Thanks Legs!  I agree 100000%.   I look at this as not just a 12 week program.. It's called body for LIFE for a reason!!   At the meat of it, the program is very 'easy' to follow.   And probably if you even just 'went thru the motions' on the eating and exercise, I bet folks would be surprised at the changes they would see!!   Like I've admitted to, I feel I'm probably about that 80-90% committed to the program.  (had put 85%-90 but am much more honest with myself nowdays :))  I have my not perfect eating, I have workouts that while they are good for me, and they are making progress, I know that I can do better on both sides.  But no way I would THINK about quitting now!!!  That thought doesnt even come up anymore!!   And I know if I would REALLY REALLY focus on the workouts, I would see those muscles start to POP as opposed to slowly show up :).    Cardio I feel I'm closer to 90% on.. I really do, for some reason I really get the heart going, I just need to get the weight training going better!!

  • dburg - keep in mind that the majority of your success is what you are eating. Portions and clean choices to get you lean and strong. The next time you tear it up at the gym (or wherever you train) leave that place and tell yourself you didnt work out THAT hard to ruin all that in the kitchen later in the day.

    If you work out hard, then eat poorly - you might as well not even go to the gym. You'll get frustrated by not seeing results.

  • How about eat a good bit of something good for you and filling with water, like fruit maybe, before you sit down to a meal that isnt good for you. That way you wont eat as much of it but still get satisfied?

    I might also toss the temptations yelling at you from the freezer. Can't give in if they aint in there!

  • Legs, I hear ya. I dont know if you were talking to me specifically or just generally.   I'm not eating 'poorly' just not 100% clean.   Heck I even eat veggies now lol.. Granted still not as many as I should be, so that would be one example of my 'not clean' eating.  

    As far as your last statement, about if you eat poorly, you might as well not even goto the gym, I dont totally buy into that.   Now if we are talking in the context of the BFL program, then I mostly agree.  Still think you could see results, but they would be so slow to show up.  Again that would be if you werent eating too many calories.   I guess I'd rather have someone go work their butts off at the gym and then go eat 2 double cheeseburgers, then just get the burgers and go home and sit in front of the TV.  Now obviously it would be BEST to work out, then go have a proper portion sweet potato, chicken breast and salad with a slight drizzle of garlic infused olive oil :).  

  • Dburg, i stole your idea about the one-clean-week deal. I started a post about it hoping for a mini challenge for one week. Wanna join in? :o) [cheeky smile here]


    Dburg, about your last post, I am that person you describe. I have been always in the gym nearly all my life. Work my butt off, then go to Pizza Hut afterwards or eat a lot of good things ( a lot of ww bread, a lot of grilled fish, etc.). For years and years I did that. Sometimes i even thought it was the right thing to do to lose weight. The result was good muscle strength and donut rolls of fat.  I have no problem exercising heavy and long, but do i look it? I look like a balloon, front and back.


    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I pig out on my free day, but I keep my calories within reason.  Mean I don't worry about sugar and fat, but I don't exceed 2500 calories.  I still am able to lose weight, and have been doing it for years.  Now I need to stick with the program so I can tone up again!