WHAT?! I have a metabolism now?! :D

  • My name is Kate, I am 21 years old, and I am working hard to hardly work and loving every moment of it! I started Body For Life JUST 3 days ago, but I am already feeling a difference!!! I do not think I have EVER had a metabolism, or one that worked the way it should, and just after day three, after my first upper body workout, cardio workout, and lowerbody workout, I am already feeling my body wake up and come to life in the mornings!

    It is AMAZING to me! I have never had any sort of workout plan in my daily schedule, and I have never had a sensible eating routine ( I have never eaten a ton of junk i.e. fast food, chips, crummy cookies, etc.) but with this eating plan, eating something beneficial to my body every two hours, I have never felt like I was starving but I have not over indulged or felt like I was over doing it! This program fits my personality to a T! I am a big planner, as in I use a planner on a daily basis and keep everything logged away in there for my work schedule, social life, and shows ( I am also a musician) so with this Body For Life journal, I am finding it motivational to read about other peoples journeys and their successes and be able to map out my own success and fill it all in along the way! 

    I do not mean to jabber on, but I just had to share my enthusiasm about the changes I already feel after day 3! I am on my way and hope all of you are too! See you at the finish line in a bikini! 


  • Kate, glad you're here and on this journey with us!! Great enthusiasm and come back to this post when things get challenging (when life just happens :).  I agree, the way I feel now is such a big difference from how I felt when I started...and it's worth every minute of planning.  Keep it up, you'll do great!