Man! I look HOT

  • Ok, mostly posted to get a chuckle from Legs from a different post.

    I am C1W4D6 though and it has started....the point where I can see some changes in my body.  I have been feeling the ease of movement and agility increasing each week.  I am paying more attention to my posture in general and reminding myself not to slouch.

    I have also starting to wish there were more days in the week so I can work out more.  I haven't missed a single one yet and I am completely on track with food.  I pee every half hour so I am sure my water intake is fine as well.

    As of this morning I have lost 15 pounds from a start of 221.  I do use my scale, it is a tool that helps me make connections my habits and my results.  For me it is a motivator, that might not be true for others.  I have used it to switch up some things in the order of how I eat.  I may be imagining things, but, veggies early in the day seem to have a good impact on my hunger and cravings.  As to cravings I consider myself fortunate.  I had previously been a mini-binge eater with a sweet tooth towards evening.  Now I ask myself "What does my body need" rather than "What would taste good right now."

    My shopping cart at the grocer tells a completely different story than it did a month ago.  No money spent on diet soda, cookies, chips or frozen entrees and pizza rolls. I buy frozen broccoli and green beans in bulk...who'd of thunk it?  Lean beef and chicken are my main protein.  I pre-trim excess skin and fat and cook them separately for my cats....they love me all over again.

    I went through my cupboards the other day and threw out 4 boxes of half finished cereal.  They were bran and fiber kinds, but I haven't touched them in months and they were not nutritionally authorized for this challenge.  I hope the birds around my house enjoyed their treat.

    I baked my own Whole Wheat Flat breads!

    It is still early in the challenge for me and it is starting to sink in that this has to be "For Life."  Honestly I am mourning my old habits a bit.  I do have moments when I think about what I have to deny myself to get healthy.  I am un-learning my food preferences and conditioning.  This will take some time, but I am thinking about it consciously.

    So if you are reading this as a completed challenger, someone in the midst of their challenge or someone considering starting one, please be encouraged.  This is the time to question old ways and get real with yourself and your body.  Every cell in your body needs you to be healthy, when those cells start getting the message that you are paying attention to them, they will pay you back for your efforts.










    Great thread to start JamesK because there is alot of success around this site from lifting kids to the ceiling, wearing a size 30 shorts, hitting 10's on a bike, dropping 15 pounds, getting compliments from the same sex, sweating like crazy...AND THAT WAS JUST FROM THIS MORNING!!

    Stick with this my friends....the BEST is yet to come.

    GREAT ENERGY JAMESK - keep the fire going!!

  • Absolutely FABULOUS post! JamesK you have crossed an abyss my man! You are hot! :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • James- I love how changing your diet has made you more animal friendly  :)  

    This is inspiring! You ARE HOT!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • You are on FIRE!!!


    I love it!!!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Way to go James!! Sounds like everything is under control and you are going to be beyond HOTNESS when you are finished!! Sizzle Sizzle!!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Keep up the good work!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Just bringing this to the top because I want to hear of some more successes. Even the little ones....SHARE PEOPLE!

    (I did 3 chin-ups again today....340 doesnt seem as far away anymore.LOL)

  • lmaoooooooo...340 is your!  If you aim for 340 chinups I will aim for 340 push ups...rofl.

  • Today was w/o FreeDay...did HIIT & UBWO.  To me that'success.  PULL LEGS PULL!!!

  • He he - (ya right) In April Oxygen magazine there is a FREAK in there(Crystal West) that with a 75# weight strapped to her waist/legs beat a  world record. She's 44. She missed the world record of pull-ups (unweighted I guess) by 5. Can you imagine the therapy she needed after that!

    Seriously...I think if I could do 10, and maybe that is pushing it - Id be happy. Maybe 7 is more attainable. We'll day at a time!

  • Well I did LBWO today and at the gym I was asked how to do calf exercises!  Yay!  I drank my protein at the gym and came home and washed the Escape..anyone else have a hybrid?

    One of my home cooked prepared meals in the microwave, then a shower and a Sunday afternoon nap.

  • HEY LEGS MY FRIEND !!  i have a little success, (sorry, it's knee related, as usual, hopefully soon i will have more successes not so knee focussed)

    i just took my pain meds to do my exercises i've been asigned to do.  the success is, i havent had any for an entire 24 hour period. NONE !  i am not in enough pain to actually take them now, except i do need them for home PT.  SO, for me, this is HUGE success, i am successfully weaning myself off of them.  

    G u n s

  • That is awesome Guns. Mother is still in pj's and hobbling around with her walker. Zero homemaking on her part....and she was a clean freak. I stayed as long as I had to at their place and am home now doing my own thing. Im real proud of you for how far you have come. AMAZING self pushing going on in your head! YOU ROCK! (oh...YOUR HOT!)

  • what's up with your mom? is she still in pain? she is quite a bit older than me. did she have one or 2 done ?  i'm sorry to hear shes not doing well. it's like you have a window of time w/ these knee replacements on that crappy scar tissue.

    that's too bad.

    G u n s