My 84-day-journey - challenge 1 complete

  • CatLinder, I am in Week 8 of the challenge. I have followed the nutrition guidelines and have only missed two workouts. Yet the scale has not moved, I don't see much change in the mirror, and I don't think my clothes fit any differently. I have read several things on here that say that after week 8 was when they really noticed a difference. I am trying to hang in there and keep trucking but it is becoming very discouraging. My goal was to lose 10 pounds and I've lost maybe one or two in 8 weeks!!! That makes losing 10 lbs in the next 4 weeks seem quite impossible! Any advice?

  • Thanks Island dude, PamNZ and Becky H, and Rob.  Rehtaeh, you've come this far, please cling to some faith (even if it's slim) and finish the 12 weeks.  I agree with others that the less you need to lose, the slower it's going to disappear.  There's no risk in seeing it to fruition, and who knows what results it will yeild unless you complete it.  There are lots of people that saw the most change in the last 2 weeks and I probably fall into that category.  When I started this, I actually felt like I got BIGGER for several weeks and then I read that Women's Success Document over and over and clung to the "eight week miracle" which I DID NOT experience.   Week 9 was probably the most discouraging week but I had promised myself I was going to finish this out.  Somewhere around week 10 or 11, I spent the night away from home and saw myself in a different mirror and finally saw some change.  I feel that I look very different in my clothes, even though I lost very little weight.  My Sweetheart has been the one to make me really see my changes and make me feel good about the progress.  I don't know if I'm naturally hard on myself or if my expectations were unrealistic for 12 weeks, but I didn't reach my goal weight.  At this point I am focusing on my progress and not perfection.   I am planning on doing another round after a few weeks of "active rest".   I suspect that's when I'll reach my original goals.   I believe most people probably have to do more than one challenge to get where they really want to be.   I so badly wanted one of those phenomenal 12 week transformations, and it didn't happen - but I'm happy with the progress and I feel good that I finished the drill.   Please push through your last 4 weeks, even if you don't feel like it because you've already been through the hardest parts!  It would be a shame to not see what it does for you.   Maybe you could look at it like an experiment?  Hang in there!

  • Congratulations CatLinder.  Your testimony and your pics are an inspiration.

    I have heard so many times that the 8th or 9th week is the hardest, emotionally.  You stuck through it and what a result!

    I'm almost 47 and just started my 2nd week.  I am also doing the Saturday workout but eat what you want and the Sunday rest but eat on the plan.  I'm glad to hear that worked for you too.

    If you've had this much of a result in Challenge 1 I'm sure you will hit your goals with Challenge 2.

  • CatLinder, thank you for sharing your story and photos.  It's people like you that keep those of us just starting motivated.


  • last night I was reading some things I had written down during the 12 weeks and I realized at the end of week 10 I had only lost 6 lbs, so almost half of the total I lost came in the last two weeks.  I hope that helps some of you to know that.  

    Let me encourage you to try on something in your closet that you haven't been able to fit into.  Even if it's just to see how far you've got to go to get where you once were.   You might be pleasantly surprised!  At the end of the 5th week I was planning one of the work trips I had to go on and pulled out a suit skirt that I JUST KNEW i wouldn't be able to zip but wanted to see how far I had to go with it and guess what?????  I zipped up beautifully and I wore it on the trip.   I had only lost about 5 lbs of weight at the time.   So, suffice it to say I had lost inches but not pounds - therefore it's true you cannot go by the scales.  

    Be encouraged with ANY progress.  Don't focus on perfection.  Stick to your self promises and give yourself the gift of completing the program to see where you will be.   If you slip up and eat badly or miss a workout or two, forgive yourself and pick right back up.  

    Have a great day!  

  • Thanks CatLinder for sharing your story and photos. You're right. It does take a lot of courage to post before photos. I have my sealed up in an envelope and I'm not sure I'll ever show them. I may feel differently when my body looks different in 12 weeks!! Thanks for the encouragement your post gives!

  • Haltersweb, Julie ane Northwestie - I'm glad it's motivated you to read my story and view my photos because I still feel VERY WIERD about having them on the internet!  I didn't even get a spray tan!  HAHAHAHA!  I'm really a pretty modest person and, well -- I am certain my mother would FAINT if she knew and then she'd probably threaten to snatch me bald-headed if I left them up.  LOL!!!   (kidding)

    I'm laughing, but did put it here in all seriousness to help inspire others to finish the challenge.   I don't believe I would have finished the 12 weeks without the encouragement I have found on this forum.  It's a long 12 weeks but so very worth it.  

    I rode 15 miles on my mountain bike over those tough trails again yesterday afternoon and cannot tell you how great it felt to be able to climb right along side my boyfriend who is hell to keep up with!    At the top of 3 long climbs, he turned his head to see how far back I was and was SHOCKED that I was right there with him and kept praising me for being so strong and such a good climber -- I'm telling you that without a shred of doubt, I am STRONGER.  

    I feel certain that whatever your goals are (fat loss, strength, endurance, muscle gain) you will succeed if you do these things:

    (A) know the reasons you have made the decision to change, write them down and read them often during your challenge to remind yourself

    (A.1) have resolved to stick it out the entire 12 weeks.  promise yourself to not give up - EVER!

    (B) stick to the program by hitting your 10's, eating clean, drink your water, get plenty of sleep

    (C) seek encouragement and advice when you need it

    (D) forgive yourself when you slip up and get back on schedule asap

  • Thanks, CatLinder, for the encouragement and tips.  I too often forget how important getting plenty of sleep is.  I'm usually averaging 5 to 6.

  • wow great pics!!  and the mountain biking proved your success in your challenge  great job!!

  • Way to go!  Looking great!


  • CatLinder!  You look amazing and I am so excited for you!!!  What I really want to know is, has that meanie "ex" seen you lately, and if so, how did THAT make  you feel, hahahaaaa.

    You are glowing.  What a gorgeous gal you are and what wonderful advice you are giving others.  Love it!!!!!!!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

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  • You look amazing!! Loved reading your post also, and how great you now feel. Yippee for you :-)


  • So proud of your success.  You look fabuluous and happy!  Keep up the healthy lifestyle!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Very impressive.  Clearly the eleven pounds of scale loss does not fuly reflect what appears to be a significant exchnage of fat for muscle - evident in arms, abs, etc.  You look great