Week 8 and ZERO weight loss!!!

  • So I am just about done with week 8 and feeling really discouraged and depressed! Last I weighed was at the beginning of week 6, at that point I had only lost .2oz from my beginning weight. I was so discouraged then but told myself that it will come and to give myself a few more weeks. Well, now I am at the end of week 8 and I am honestly scared to death to get on the scale, I am certain it is going to tell me the same thing it did back then, ZERO weightloss! Back in week 6 I did measurements and was down about 4 inches throughout my body (1 1/2 from my waist). Looking at myself in the mirror, I can honestly say that they probably hasn't changed much since then either. When my husband asked me what was wrong tonight (he knew I was upset about something) I told him how I am feeling so mad because I feel like I've been doing all this effort and good eating and it's all for nothing! I still hate looking at my body in the mirror, I still fit my pants the same way I did when I started, and I can't stand all the extra flub around my butt, stomach, and back. My husband didn't actually give me any encouraging words like "I've noticed a difference in the way you look", he actually told me to maybe try Hydroxycut, or Xenadrin, he said that maybe my body just wasn't meant to loose weight with this program. (very encouraging words huh!) I can't help but wonder if this is really going to work for me? I can honestly say that I have never missed a workout, I push to my 10's every time, and my eating is very clean, cheats are only for free days. Free days have been a bit of a train wreck however, and I've overdosed on chocolate chip cookies. While I think this could be the issue, I have heard many others say their free days were also pretty bad when it came to overindulging. I've also had my daily eating plan looked over by several different BFL people, including one champion who said that it was great. So what's the deal?!? Why am I just not seeing results!!! I plan on continuing through the next 4 weeks, but I just don't have a positive outlook and would honestly be shocked if I actually started loosing.


    Sorry for the downer everyone, I just feel so helpless!

  • the scale doesn't show good results when it comes to this program.  You said you lost 4 inches all around by Week 6....   !!!!  That sounds like progress to me!! :)  and 1 1/2 in the waist??  I think that sounds great!  if you KNOW you're following the eating and workout plan from the book, then I would continue to be patient.  

    There's somewhere on here written by Mike Harris about how woman take awhile to show progress.  I can't remember the name of it!!  maybe if I can find it, I'll post the link.  My progress was slow-going, and I literally didn't see a noticeable difference until Day 84!!!  

  • k try this;


    it's super long, but whenever you feel down, read a few paragraphs!

  • I was actually feeling the same way - frustrated with my slow progress.  I have done this program before, and had amazing results, so I thought this program really worked for me.  But I have been the same weight nearly the entire time and I am on week 10.  I do notice some changes in body shape, but the fat just isn't going away...  I will check out the link above and see if it helps.  I am also working on tweaking my eating regimen a little to mesh with the book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto.  Still, though, after 2weeks of tweaking and being so precise there's not much to show for it...  I am dedicated to finishing out my 12 weeks, though, and will continue to work on losing this fat!

  • Optigirl,

    I just checked out the link and I can't seem to find the info you are referring to.  Is it a PDF file?  How do I open it?  Thanks!


  • Ok I figured out the PDF and by golly those are some encouraging words!  

  • bhpink - my only advice is to PLEASE keep with the program!!  BIG BIG changes can happen from week 8 on!  My BIG changes came in week 10-12 if you can believe that ... it was like every morning I woke up and my body had changed!  

    Also, please don't be too hard on your dear husband.  Lots of men tend to want to "fix" or "solve" problems instead of offering support or encouragement (which is what women want).  No offense to any men out there ... it's just their nature (but not all men).  :)  HUGS!

  • No offense taken by this guy, I know we do that and you are right, the best way to fix this though is just what you said stick to it and it will happen, we as a society always want the quick fix and sometimes it is not possible, so stay the course and you will be surprised.

    And always remember muscle weighs more then fat so if you are adding muscle it may not show so much in the scale but believe me it is changing your overall appearance!

  • You need to count calories. Eating healthy is great, but unless you burn more than you comsume, weight will not come off. The inches lost are great too! No doubt the result of your hard work strength training. Pick a number of calories that makes sense for you (1200 min) and stick to it. Count them for a previous day and see how hight they were. You will end up with tremendous insight. A difference of only 300 a day is going to have a big impact. But an extra 300 a day would be easy to consume if you don't count and just approximate portions.

    I have been using a website that counts calories for five days now and in five days I am down 3.1 pounds. Do it! Good luck!


  • thanks for all the feedback everyone. 1fitMama I can only hope what happened to you will happen to me, because with all the things I seem to be doing right, I also have been keeping track of my calories. I eat the same thing everyday and it totals 1300 calories. For the first 6 weeks or so, I was eating 1200 calories, but after looking at my eating plan a Champion gave me a few tweaks that put me up to around 1300. I am now thinking that I want to bump it down again?

    I started this challenge at 129 and my goal is 115. I do notice a lot more muscle definition and my legs, abs, and arms are quite hard when I flex I guess Bronco you're right. Maybe I am adding muscle right now, hopefully the weight will start to come.

    Anyhow, thanks again to all who have commented. You're words help to keep me motivated to finish strong.

    Oh yea, OptiGirl thanks for talking about the Womens Document. I have actually read it a couple of times, but it is always nice to revisit it and remember that I may just fit right in with all those women!

    Good night everyone!

  • Whats your meal plan? At 129lbs your actually not that overweight so the lbs will come off very slowly

  • I can relate to your frustrations, bhpink. I haven't been doing this particular program, but I have been struggling with my weight my entire life. I lost a good amount of weight just from moving to New York from North Carolina, but when I started to really make it a priority, I upped my gym visits and really stuck to an extremely specific diet plan. naturally, it wasn't realistic for life and after a few months I was stuck at one weight for so long and even though I was lighter than I had ever been, I had the lowest self esteem I had ever had. I decided to put it aside for awhile and just focus on my workouts because I really enjoyed feeling stronger.

    After that, I found the Insanity program. Again not wanting to focus on food which had been my downfall, I did the program without the meal plan provided and just ate with commonsense-- having sweets very rarely, keeping up my protein, multiple small meals throughout the day, etc. After doing the program once, I saw a 10 lb weight loss and a LOT of reshaping of my body..  i became a bit addicted and continued to do it on repeat only allowing myself really 1 week, sometimes 2 in between. I got stuck again. I am now at the lowest weight I have been, but I have been there for four months without any continued change. Because of that, I decided to find something new. Thats how I came to Body for Life. It is certainly a very different way of thinking as before I was doing 1-2 hours of intense workouts at least 6 days a week, but I'm willing to try something else. Though I am only about 129 lbs, I would like to get down to about 120. At this weight, I recognize that it is going to be a lot harder to get rid of those last pounds.. but I have days where its hard to look in the mirror. And honestly, that's my bigger goal. I just want to look in the mirror and love what I see and be proud of my progress. I am currently 70 pounds lighter than I was when I graduated high school.

    I realize this wasn't really any advice, but somtimes its just nice to hear from someone who struggles as well to know we aren't alone.. and to be reminded that it's not an EASY "fix" as it can sometimes read when you scan one paragraph about someone's success. :)

  • Well SweetTea, we aren't in this alone now are we! I eat the same thing every day, and to be honest I  actually really like what I eat and can definitely see myself keeping up the eating way of life for the rest of my life. Of course I do love having a Free Day once a week, but basically I am saying that I plan on making this my new lifestyle. In fact it already has become a new lifestyle! I enjoy workout too, so I guess I'm going down the right road! I hope that doing the BFL program will help you to rid yourself of those last 9lbs or so and you will be able to see how this program can work for you and be sustainable for the rest of your life.

    As for my meal plan 6packmission here it is, now keep in mind I've been eating this since the beginning, however in the past 2 weeks or so I upped the amount of cottage cheese in a couple of my meals to have a bit more protein. This is the plan as Ive been eating it for the last two weeks. The calories count is  about 100 - 150 more than it was the first 6 weeks.

    Meal 1: Banana Pancakes from BFL book

    Meal 2: Myoplex Lite shake w/water

    Meal 3: 3/4 c cottage cheese, 3 cup steamed broccoli, w/Wish Bone salad spritzer and a bit of salt and pepper

    Meal 4: 1 slice Ezequiel 4.9 cinnamon raisin bread, 1/2 c cottage cheese, tomato slices, and alfalfa sprouts

    Meal 5: 1 c Fage Greek Yogurt, w/1/2 c mixed berries, and 3 packets stevia

    Meal 6: 2 c steamed broccoli w/Wish Bone salad spritzer and a bit of salt and pepper, 1/2 c egg substitute, 2 Tbsp salsa, 1 Tbsp avocado /or 1Tbsp almond butter,

    Totals: Calories - 1301 Carbs - 170 Protein - 133

    If I take out the extra bit of cottage cheese on Meal 3 and 4 the totals are:

    Calories - 1201 Carbs - 165 Protein - 119


    Hopefully the next few weeks will show some serious results!

  • Hi phpink

    I could nitpick at your diet and suggest small changes but I dont think thats where your problem actually lies, you say your 129lbs, believe me you dont have alot of weight to lose, maybe 10lbs. I think you need to focus on other types of meassuring progress,whats your dress size and whats your waist size(around navel fully relaxed), you could also perhaps tone down the free meal to 1 cheat meal, instead of focusing on what you cant control directly, focus on what you can control, like getting your 6 small meals in, drinking lots of water, reading your goals, focusing on your future vision, getting your workouts in etc

  • bhpink, i was going to post almost the exact same thing! i am in Week 8 and have lost maybe a pound. my clothes dont seem to be fitting much differently. and i dont see much change when i look in the mirror. i have comitted myself to finishing all 12 weeks but it is hard to stay motivated! i am 5'2" and my starting weight was 130. my goal is also 115. it seems impossible to reach my goal weight with only 4 weeks left and 13 pounds to go. ugh!!