Weight loss - or lack thereof........

  • I'm almost to the end of week 5 and I've lost maybe 1lb.  I know that I shouldn't focus too much on the scale weight but I would have expected more at this point.  I wasn't really fat or real out of shape to begin with - I've just put on about 15lbs over the last few years around the waistline.  I have followed the BFL program to the T - workouts and nutrition.  I do feel better and look better but I would think I would have seen more improvement on the scale?

  • If you only have that much to lose, you easily could be building muscle and basically swapping that weight for fat loss.   That being said without knowing specifics about current stats, what your meals look like etc it'll be hard to make sure you dont need some adjusting.  But many people with just a bit to lose have said that it was hard to lose weight, but they saw measurements go down and strength and muscle tone going up.

  • I only had around 15 to drop as well.  When I started in Jan. I went weeks and  the scale did not budge, but I did not give up.  The design of this program is for you to drop the fat, gain lean muscle, and to have created new habits to maintain for life.  That said, it comes off slow, but I can tell you IT DOES COME OFF.  When I finished C1 3/28 I had only lost 5 lbs.  A little disappointed but my measurements were proof that I had made significant progress. I also confess that I was not 100% on my nutrition, but the workouts yes.  This only proves that you can not work out bad nutrition, it's 80%.  The good news is that I started C2  the following week, and I'm down 5.5 lbs, wow.  So as so many other's have said, around that week 8 - 12  the weight will just start dropping.  Obviously everyone's genes are different, so they will have different results.  I will tell you that I've been 100% on with my nutrition in the past 3 weeks, and I contribute that to my recent success.  


  • Hey Bent, I agree with the folks above.  Nutrition is where little changes can have a big impact, or perhaps stall your progress.  For me, it means I have to go back to being super diligent on the food amounts:  total calories but also specifically the protein/carb/fat ratios.  I thought I was following the program well, but when I started to really track what I was eating I found that I was too carb heavy.  (my eyes make my fist look bigger than it is lol :) yeah, it's a nit of a pain to measure everything, but it's a necessary step so I can re-set my ideas of what a portion should really look like. I can exercise a ton but if I don't really pay attention to the diet specifics I stall in the weight loss department.  Right now I'm cycling 4 days of a higher protein/lower carb ratio and every fifth day, higher carbs.  That's not true BFL but just like exercise, works better for me to change up total calories/ratios every now and then.  That's me, lots of people have great results just following the book to the letter...every one is different, you might want to try measuring to see what's really going in your bod,  and then experiment with ratios.

  • Bent, stick with it!  I'm beginning week 11 tomorrow and I've only lost about 7 lbs so far but I've lost inches.  I have dropped from a size 8 to a loose 6 and have 2 pair of slacks that are size 4 that I can wear with ease.  Ordinarily, this would equate to roughly 15 or more pounds for me.   It's been a challenge to not equate all my progress by what the scale has to say.  

    I am not where I want to be, YET - but this progress helps me continue on and I know that it's working.   LIke Jessica said, we didn't get where we are (were) in a few short weeks and we have to give our bodies time to replace the fat we've gained with muscle and increased metabolisms.  I was a little disappointed when I finished my 8th week and didn't see expected to see big changes like a lot of other women who experienced huge changes at that point.  I know I"ve had change in the last two weeks and I'm looking forward to what's at the end of the 12th week.   I"m pushing through - I have nothing but unwanted things to lose and everything good to gain!

    Keep looking up! and Keep pushing through!  

  • I have been reading these posts and am wondering if I am doing anything wrong.  I followed the BFL eating plan 1 year ago and lost 10 lbs in 8 days.  I didn't follow the work out sessions and did my usual running or cardio.  I just started the challenge and am on week 2 using the BFL workout plan.  I have been on the eating schedule about 85% and have had an accassional cheat.  I actually lost 2 lbs the first week and gained 4 the second!  Am I off track??