Final Stretch Help

  • Hello everyone,

    With all the questions that I've had answered by reading others post and responses, I knew this was the place to go. I am coming to my last 2 weeks (4 weeks until vacation). I am down 10 pounds and 5 inches on stomach. I still have some belly fat I want to get rid of before vacation. Any tips about cardio/ lifting or mixing up the diet a little bit coming down the homestretch. Also, any killer ab excercises?


    195, 6' 3" Male:

    Meal plan from today

    Protmeal (1/2 cup oatmeal, 1.5 scoop whey protein) and a Reload

    Cottage cheese, 1 scoop protein and apple

    4 oz turkey burger, 1.5 cups brocoli, and medium sweet potato

    myoplex c.c. and apple

    can tuna, 1/2 cup pasta, spinach salad

    protein shake (1 cup almond unsweetened milk, 1 scoop protein, 1/4 cup pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice)


    Thanks for your help in advance!!! GO BFL

  • If you have been having such good results my question is why change? Stick with what you have been doing I believe this is one of the biggest mistakes people make by trying to change what has worked for them. Your meals look good I did notice you have double protein with cottage cheese and protein powder. Are you doing that to try and bulk up? My fav ab excersise or leg raises. Hands down these work best for me!

  • I thought someone would say that. I'm just looking for additional tips to cut more.

    Cottage cheese I do about 1/4 -1/2 cup, that is 6-11 grams protein, even for women thats not enough, so I add a scoop to get closer to the 30 grams thats appropriate for males.

  • Looks like you're eating the right carbs and proteins. As jodielee stated don't change what's working. Make sure you're spacing your meals correctly and those brief periods of exercises each day...110% or better :)  Lots of water and don't forget the ice cold water in the morning...keep the fat burners going.

    Good Luck,


  • @BFL Jeff --- I just finished my 1st challenge and I used Ab Ripper X for my ab routine for about the last 8 weeks of my challenge... 15 minutes of hell... but in a good way...  good luck... I/We begin round 2 April 25th "Cutting Crew - C2-It"

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  • why change what youve been doing? if what you been doing has worked so will for you so far?

  • have you tried planks?  They have done wonders for me.  And they hit all aspects of your abs, not just one part.  Don't be mistaken by the fact they look easy, or wimpy.  They really work.  

    I am starting my last week monday too.  

  • Here are my tips.'

    DIET:  5 small meals, every 3 hours or so.  Each meal consists of lean protein, vegetables, Beans (black beans or kidney or others)  and lots of water.  No "fast" carbs  (no rice, potatoes, sugar, or wheat)  and the fat will melt off.

    ABS:  The myotactic crunch outlined in the  "4 hour body""  you can research it on google.  Its truely a GREAT ab exercise.  I just finished my 12 week challenge,  ended up with about 19 or 20 percent body fat, but with this exercise I STILL ended up with defined abs somehow. (!)

  • Great tips, Chuck!  Should I really eat beans at every meal?  I am currently plateauing and need to shake things up.

  • The book "Four Hour Body" has some great tips for that last, stubborn 5 or 10 pounds.  The basic diet is lean protein, slow carb veggies and beans or lentils at each meal.  The book is great, and is only $13 on Amazon.  For the slow carb diet, you could just google "slow carn diet"  and/or  "Four Hour Body"  I lost nearly 30 pounds during the 12 week challenge (just finished it this month).  There's a WHOLE lot of other info in the book, like using cold water to lose fat, and other tips.

    During the diet I ate kidney beans, or low fat refries or black beans at every meal,  with no ill effecfts, and gas wasn't a problem.. lol... but the book has tips on THAT, too...  LOL