Starting Today (even though it's Tuesday)

  • I hear ya about the eating times, more often than not I find myself behind on my meals than I do waiting for the next meal.  I've set up my meal plans so I have a protein shake first thing in the morning to help get off to a good start.  Cottage cheese and blueberries is also a quick fix too.

  • So you think the protein shakes really help??? I do a lot of Tuna and Triscuits and coco covered Almonds for a little treat. I try to push my self as much as I can on my workouts. I'm looking forward to my lowerbody workout. I have noticed though I'm not really breaking a sweat with I'm doing strenght training , maybe I'm not pushing hard enough...?? btw Everyone else seems to be doing great as well.  I behaved for the most part on my free day but I did have a freind in from out of town so a night on the town celebrating was probably not the best lol...

  • I definitely think protein shakes help.  If I am home, I will blend in a banana and some skim milk with protein powder.  If I'm at work I will just mix the protein powder with water or skim milk and eat a piece of fruit with it.  For my last free day, I had a bacon egg & cheese english muffin, clam chowder, and pizza, with some snacks in between. Some people prefer to only have a free meal, but I like to keep the whole day off the leash. For myself, I just make sure I dont stuff myself silly, so I keep my portions in control.  I used to eat 4-5 slices of pizza, now I would have maybe one or two.  If you're happy w/ one free meal that day, cool.  But don't feel guilty for letting loose once a week. That's what it's there for.

  • Be careful with milk and nuts. Milk is counted as a carb (unless it's soymilk) and 1/2 banana is considered one serving in BFL. Nuts are great but they have a lot of fat. I eat nuts every day but I don't eat any meat and everything else I eat is lowfat.

    @T-Rex: pack some protein bars! :)


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  • I couldn't imagine only having half a banana.  I guess if it is a really large banana that would make sense (the Lg are easily about 200 cals, so about 50G carbs), but a med - small banana would only be around 25g carbs +/-.  I like using the milk (4oz) with my protein shakes because it halps to balance out the carb to protein ratio.  for myself, I try to take in about a 30/30 split which is spot on with the BFL plan.   So far so good, down to 203 from 215 in 3 1/2 weeks.  Although I'm sure a woman would want to take in less than a man, depending on set goals.  Almonds are definitely a great thing to have, but like katiebug pointed out, moderation is the key.  I personally like to have cashews, pistachios, and peanuts (reduced sodium or sodium free).

  • Awesome upper body workout today!  How's everyone doing?

  • Hey Noticed everyone has been quite so I decided to check in with everyone...full disclosure it is one week away from finals in my MBA program 3 20+ page writing assignments between my classes so the past two weeks for me have been an epic fail. But I'm not quiting I'm recommitting and getting back in the game. I hope everyone is still with me! I hope no one is letting life get in the way like I'am....your health and well being should be priority or we will be no good to anyone....Here's to a strong finish everyone!!!!

  • Hi T-Rex.  Good luck with your report.  I have my finals next week.  BSME.  I had family up from Tx for the last week and they left yesterday so it was rather hectic getting everything in.  I got all my exorcises in last week, but my weekend eating was not ideal.  I missed my mon-weds routines this week, but plan on getting back on track tomorrow with a nice run.

  • I am 49 years old and I too did the challenge or at least started to do it about 4 years ago. This time I am serious and I  also want to win the challenge. I have the determination this time and I also have a personal trainer and a nutritionist that is supplied by job. These are the benefits that I love about my job.

  • Today was cardio day for me. I rode my recumbant bike. Tomorrow is upper body workout day.

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  • OK, I'm back.  The last week has been an epic fail for me as well.  I got my workouts in until I went to Kentucky to visit family.  Got back Sunday night and have not worked out since!  Ugh!  Starting again tomorrow.  I can at least do upper body and get back on the wagon.  

  • Killer upper body workout on my generic bowflex (weider crossbow).  I've read a lot about people saying that tension will not yeild ideal results, but it's been only 5 weeks, and I can already see tramendous results!

  • That’s amazing bvolpe keep pushing I know you are going to meet your goals with flying colors. I have been making a real effort towards my workouts but I'm still struggling with my meals, my husband to be and I love to eat out a lot which has been a huge problem for me, making time to make meals, my goal in the coming weeks is to plan better, week in advance, which I had failed to do in the beginning. I see some muscle definition, but no weight loss which is REALLY frustrating but I know it's my eating. How is everyone else doing?? Week four down, eight more to go...anyone doing pics? Also welcome to the group csxtrain!

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  • How's everyone doing?

    I had a bad week the week before last, I got all my runs in but missed my workout sessions.  Plus I was pretty much eating like a pig all that week as well.  Got back on track this week, and finished it off today with a great upper body workout.

  • How's everyone doning?

    Today is my off day, but yesterday I had an awesome UBWO.  Tomorrow starts week 12.  I'm seeing a lot of changes and I'm happy for that.  But I also messed around a lot with my eating and drinking habbits etc.  I plan on jumping right into a second challenge.  I dont plan on taking a week off b/c a couple weeks back I did just that.  So Hopefully the second time around I will be more dedicated.

    To date I've lost 17lbs, and I'm below 200lbs for the first time in almost two years. : )  My energy is through the roof (when I get sleep ; )  and I'm seeing huge physical inprovements as well.