Starting Today (even though it's Tuesday)

  • Glad everyone is doing well so far.  The way I see it is that committing to this plan is helping me make different (hopefully better) decisions about my eating.  I won't be perfect all the time--my life is too busy for that--but at least I stop to think about it now when I'm eating out and I try to make better decisions.  I'm doing a good job so far of getting my meals in through the day.  The hard part for me is going to be dinner and keeping the portion size right.

    I'm SO sore from the my lower body workout the other day.  Wow.  Today I'm going for a walk with a friend after work and then heading home to do an upper body workout.  I'm trying to get my cardio done in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • If you're looking for meal ideas, read the "Eating for Life" book by Bill.  I rented it from the library, copied down the recipes I liked, and went from there.  It also comtains a lot more in depth reasoning about food choices, and more insperation.  It covers everything from basic meals to shakes and desserts.  My fav so far is mixing sugar free, fat free pudding with protein powder with sugar free cool whip.

    I started my BFL challenge about three weeks ago.  My ultimate goal is to be fit in time for my Co trip in August, but I should be well into my second challenge by then ; )

  • Highplain-

    Thanks for your inspiring words! That is exactly what we needed to hear!

    Okay, everyone, free day coming up; the first one for some of you! PLEASE don't overdo it! Don't make yourself sick with food- we've all had enough of that, right? That's why we're here. It's going to get harder but relief with the free day helps to keep you on track.

    Stay strong!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Happy Friday, y'all!  Thank you to all of you for your support.  It totally motivated me to get up this morning and get my 20 minute run in.  OK, T-Rex, Katiebug and bvolpe22- good luck this weekend!

  • Thanks for the inspiring words everyone!!! Ejoyed my cardio workout this morning. Debating if I want to do the upperboy workout tomorrow..still sore from the first time. A friend who is on her second challenge told me I should....Stay strong going into the weekend everyone. Like Katie said free is coming!

  • Juswt finished my upper body workout.  I was introducing a friend to the BFL workout this morning so I didn't get the full benefit, but helping someone else to get on the right path was well worth it.

  • How did everyone do this weekend?  I did OK.  Not great but I did get my workouts in.  It's a little hard for me right now because my boyfriend is back from Afghanistan and we're eating out a lot.  Both of us are trying to get back on track though and this program is definitely helping me.  I'm traveling this week so am going to double-up on lower body and upper body today.  Hope y'all had a good weekend.

  • Hi GADawg. I started on the 11th. I don't have any meal ideas for you, as I've been a "plain" eater this past week. Chicken on the Forman grill and boiled veggies or salad. Lots of Chobani yogurt and protein bars and a pair of (I'm bad) the entire egg (yolk and all).

    I feel my clothes feeling a bit looser, but no weight loss to speak of. I don't worry too much about the numbers as I feel I'm gaining muscle.

    Keep up the good work and don't worry about the metabolism slowing with age. There were a lot of folks in the book and on this board who are obtaining their goals or they already have reached their goals. :P

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Week is starting out great! Had a pretty good diet today. Feeling a little bloated from the junk I ate yesterday (my free day) though.

    Great LBWO tonight. Squats, squats, squats. I hate them soooo much but nothing is better for the hamstrings!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • bvolpe22,  I read your post about the eating for life book.  I have read in here from many of the experienced folks in challenges that the book is made for maintenance and not for the challenge.  So be careful of the recipes and the amounts.  Just remember the portions and the approved list and that will get you through in trying to come up with interesting recipes.  good luck.

  • Thanks Firesong.  I did notice that some of the recipes were a little much.  However, I sifted through it and pulled out the ones I liked, and that fit into the plan.  So far so good : )  Down 10 lbs in three weeks.  My only gripe about the recipe book was that some of the recipes could be a little heavy on the sodium.  Overall, the book has been pretty useful.

  • My weekend went well!  I got in my UBW sat morning, and sunday was my off day.  I used Friday as my free day (I like using a day I have cardio for my free day).  I started off this week with my HIIT monday and today will be my LBW.  My family is coming up this week and they plan to do chinese food thursday, but thankfully I have to work, so I will miss it : )  that stuff is the death of any diet!

  • Because I'm traveling this week I'm doubling up on my weight training.  I did upper and lower body last night and it wasn't too bad.  Took about an hour but felt good to really work out.  Doing the run tonight and then weight training again tomorrow night.  Traveling to visit family and will be able to run or use an elliptical machine while I'm away.  Just have to stick with eating as best as I can.  

    Wow bvolpe22--down 10 pounds in 3 weeks.  That's awesome.

  • 10 lbs in 3 weeks that is amazing! way to go! I'm afraid to step on a scale right now. I'm still struggling with my eating. Its hard to stay on time with all my meals.

  • Thanks!  I'm really happy with my progress so far.  What I love most is how my clothes fit better and my t-shirts are not caught on my stomach any more : P  I'm into week 4 now, so I will be posting my beginning and 4wk pics next monday.