April's journey 84 days before and after pic's

  • Thanks sweetjane! I'm glad that my journey can help u get through yours! It will amaze you at how much you will change in 12 weeks! Let me know if you have any questions or need any advice, totally here to help!

  • ;) thanks ElleBlue

  • Just want to say congrats and you look amazing i hope i to can last the 12 weeks

  • day 1 for me today :), I had a question for you finition...ive pretty much put you in a mentor position for myself :) But I was wondering, when you started weight training, what size weights did you start lifting at?? I am currently lifting 8 pounds (for bicep curls) but i find thats too light as i can do reps of 30...should i start at a higher weight to stick with the lower reps of 12?

  • Wow!!!!!


    Truly inspiring! I love your wonderful smile! Just beautiful : )


  • Way to go sweetjane, you started!

    When I started my upperbody work out(i just pulled out my journal) It looked like this: Bicep curls: 12 reps@5lbs, 10 reps@10, 8reps@12.5, 6 reps @ 15, 12reps@8 then standing hammer curls 12@5lbs

    You want to be doing weights for strength but also for cardio, so you dont want to burn yourself out to fast. I followed the prgrm to a tee SJ ;) My husband bought me the BFL journal and I charted all my workouts in there. I would say that it is natural at this stage to want to do more if you can...but trust me you dont have to just follow the pgrm....even with the cardio 20 min with the HIIT works! My first few runs I remember my fat running with me ;) hahahahaha.

    How's everything else going?

  • How's your pgrm going needmotavation? Thank you for your kind words! You can last the 12 weeks, just fight for it!

  • Thanks Rob and Jen! I am going to check out your guys blog spot and see how you guys are doing!

  • ok thats good to hear lol I started with 5 lbs but then i thought if i can do reps of 50 with these i must be lifting to low of a weight so i switched to 10 pounds and alternated...reps of 12 @ 10 pounds (x)2, switched to 15 pounds and finished with 10's...then i got home and looked at my weight lifting log and realized I started all wrong :( and should have started at 5 lbs and ended with the 15's.. but now i know for tomorrow..I am actually going to bring my weight log with me to the gym so that I can record everything better and make sure I am not forgetting anything (i forgot to do chest) Thanks so much for your guidance :) I am doing well with my eating plan, however the 10 glasses of water i struggle with, yesterday i had 7 glasses and was extremely bloated and running to the bathroom every 10 minutes ( i usually never drink water) I am gonna get off here and do my morning 20 minute cardio workout!! I am so looking forward to my 3 months being done and seeing where im at when its all said and done!!!!

  • Yay!! You look fantastic!!! xo

  • SJ..the water and the bathroom ;) It will take awhile to stop the frequent trips to the bathroom. I like to add lemon to my water,and  drink teas (mint will help with the bloat)...I'm still a hard core water drinking I just feel better , and sure notice when I'm not getting enough.

  • Congrats, you look fabulous!  You must be on a permanent high right now!  Inspiring!

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong


    Care to share a sample menu for a day?

    What about your free day??

  • that is awesome! great job! BUT WHY is it sooo easy for some people?! !  

  • WOW!! that is an amazing transformation, you are really keeping me motivated. Thank you