April's journey 84 days before and after pic's

  • Check out the guns! Awesome, Amazing results. You look terrific. Great Job finition!!!

  • Congratulations! All that had work paid off! You look beautiful and your smile says it all!

  • You look awesome!! Great job!!

  • AWESOME SIMPLY STUNNING, I guess the system works then ;)

  • finition - thanks!  Yesterday was day one of week 7 for me.  Last week was really difficult, but this week I am getting back on track.  I am finding that it is much more about the mental aspect now.  It's like my body is fighting against me.  I am tired and craving all kinds of foods.  But I just keep doing the mental talks "I am stronger than my cravings" "I will feel so much better once I get out of bed and get to the gym"  It's working!  One day at a time.  Thanks again!  Hope my photos look as great as your in May.  :)

  • OMGoodness!! Amazing results!! congratulations Finition!!!!  Great job well done. =)

  • @nancyjod....this makes me laugh cause I so know what you are talking about! I had many mental pep talks with my self about those cravings! The gym has become my temple...when I am having a tough day, stressed day tired day etc...I know after a work out I am going to feel so much better, and I do! one day at a time...sometimes one hour at a time! Keep it up Nancy, and your photos in May are going to reflect all your hard work too! Let me know if you need anything!

  • Thank you Anne! How are you doing?

  • @bronoc...it sure does work!

  • @finition I hope to post my own great pictures in 11 weeks ;)

  • awesome job!!!!  

  • who's got new pictures to post?

  • I dont... but you just wait til the end of this next challenge... I am stepping it up a notch.... Just watch me strut my stuff... My only concern is I am NOT sure what my Stuff will look like yet....

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • This is so refreshing to see, you look so happy and so A-mazing :) This gives me major inspiration as I have just started BFL for the first time, I am 30 years old and your before picture is an exact match to my current body size and shape, this really really inspires me that I too can end up looking as good as you and feeling great as well. You did amazing..GREAT JOB, i can only hope i end up with results like you :) Thanks for the motivation/inspiration!!

  • Well done. You look great!

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