• Well I'm on C2 week 9 and I think I'm done... I started back in November 2010. I was 216 LBS and my pant size was 40. This morning the scale hit 180 and my size 34 pants have plenty of room that I have to wear a belt.

    I will probably switch to weight watchers to allow different foods and keep working out 6 days a week, upper body and cardio only. I will ride my bike on the weekends and hopefully that will keep me at 180.

    It's been fun  but I'm simply done. I'm tired of eating so much protein and stuff like cottage cheese (burned out)!! I'm hoping weight watchers will provide more balanced diet? who knows... this is not to say BFL doesn't work or I won't start another challenge next month but for now I need a break.

    Believe me, Body for Life works, I'm proof and other people here are also proof that it works BUT I just can't do it for life LOL...

    Don't worry I'll still be around encouraging people!! I'm not quitting YOU lol.


  • 4 more weeks will not kill you and I do not think weight watchers is a very good program. Hopefully you do not turn into the story "I did BFL X amount a years ago and now I am back because I gained it all back"

    26 lbs in 5 months is a commendable achievement! Are you at your goal right now?

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • I agree with Bryan.  If you reached your goal - congratulations!  If not, why not finish your next 4 weeks?

    I don't think going from BFL to weight watchers is smart either (although I do think it is a good program.

    I just think that the purpose of BFL is to teach us to eat healthy and exercise properly so we don't need "programs" any more.  Best of luck in whatever you decide and congratulations on your accomplishments to date!

  • NOO! I will not gain it all back, I've learned a lot from Body for Life. Not sure what the goal is, I would like to be in the 70's but I don't want to be too skinny I want to be balanced and toned so who knows what my goal is lol

    Here is the funny thing, I stopped Body for Life and drop 4 pounds??? how??? and I don't feel so bloated anymore... I think perhaps too much protein?

    I also get too obsessed with things... so maybe for now I just need a break

  • It sounds to me like excuses. 

    If you are going to do something, then educate yourself and do it.  BFL, when done properly, does not have too much protein.  Also, it's not protein that bloats.  We bloat from time to time and weight cycles.

    If you want more tone then WW is not the answer.  It's a program designed to have you taking up less space on the planet, but not to increase lean weight or specifically reduce fat. 

    You should at least finish this challenge.  I'm not saying BFL is the only answer, but at least stick to something and have that.  Then if you want a change then go for it after clearly defining your goals.  You don't have a goal now, other than to rest.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • a program designed to have you taking up less space on the planet - I LOVE IT LOL!!

    Well I can finish, trust me they are not excuses, like I said I get really obsessed and focused and I don't think that's healthy...

    is there a Life after Body for Life??? or is this truly for life?!

  • I can see stopping BFL. I started my program on Feb 7th and have been quite sick for the last three weeks or so.One quarter of my challenge time has been wasted. I would like to start another challenge but I have to wait another four weeks so the challenges dont overlap. Why cant they as long as your pics are twelve weeks apart what difference does it make?I was thinking then is this about the challenge(contest) or about getting a body for life. If I was to let myself go back to old patterns for the next four week and then start a new challenge I would be way behind my original goals. Crossing the abyse is just crossing a line in your path of life where you decide if you want to keep moving forward or if you want to stop or turn back. I want to move ahead and just keep going,....If the BFL program is working for you why quit it? I can see trying another program if you are not getting result or are Plateauing, but dont quit if you are still having success with the program

  • I am having lots of success but I don't think I can do it for life LOL

  • @RobF  -  "wait another four weeks so the challenges dont overlap"

    You absolutely don't have to wait another 4 weeksif you really want to start over. You can just take new pics and start over, as long as you don't send in a completed entry for the first one. That's all the mean by the challenges "overlapping".

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  • HASAM:

    If you're looking for a new challenge, why don't you try endurance training, e.g, half marathon, marathon, triathlon etc...?  Great way to stay in shape.

  • P90X is a great program! Just Saying.

    WW = Skinny Fat

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”



    I second this! You think you are in great shape until you start your brick workouts (back to back training of different disciplines) and then you realize how brutal this sport really is! Love it. Go for it!

    BFL since 1999

  • Amen to that Running, Bryan and Ash - sky is the limit. Why stop now? Why be common. Why be the norm?

    Comfortable got us all to where we were when we chose BFL and some of us desperately ..... last resort kind of choices ....

    From the mouth of my uber awesome friend Michelle Simpson Champion 2009 - STAY UNCOMFORTABLE. BE ABNORMAL. :)

  • I will run a half marathon this year and I do biking races all year round... looking in to P90X right now!!

  • HASAM - if you want a real switch up - go to a CrossFit site and check out the WOD. OR come to the Coffee Crew and have MO TELL you what to do. Dare ya!