Bodyfat % still HIGH......WHY????

  • I am in my third challenge dropped from 20% to 17% the first few weeks and have been stuck at 17% for 6 weeks. My first challenge I started at 18% and got down to 15% and my second I went from 18% to 17%. My goal since before challenge 1 has been 10-12% so I know how you feel.

    I have 4 weeks left in my challenge and then another 8 weeks after that until my wedding. In my mind I see myself at my goal on my Honeymoon on the beach but I am not sure how I will get there.

    Male 5'7" 175-176 lbs 17% bodyfat (I also use the Handheld BIA calculator)

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  • Bizzey - thank you!!.........and I agree.  I really didn't see any "great" changes doing that much cardio, that's what was so discouraging!  I was killing myself, going to Zumba 6 days a week for an hour!  I feel much better right now.  I told my husband if I could just lift weights 6 days a week, I would, but I know I have to do cardio as well, just not as much of it!

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  • Hi,

    Just to add to the ohter persons post, the Handheld BIA calculator are very inaccurate, as the readings depend on your hydration level and other factors. If you going to use this, then you need to measure your BF% under the exact same conditions everytime.

    ie: If every 2nd Sat, you wake up drink 500ml of water, do your cardio (exact same as week before) and take your measurements then you need to do the exact same thing the next time. if you have a sandwich or more water, or so before, your results they will be off.

    Far more accurate measurement tool is the mirror and callipers.

  • BryanL ~ good luck to you, I'm sure you'll get there! Tonya

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  • hot sauce........AGREED!  To ME, more accurate measurements is the way my clothes fit, and what the tape measure says, b/c I measure in the exact same spot about every-other week :-)  

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  • ****Sigh***** I am sorry that you werre disappointed.  I started my 1st challenge around 20%, and my goal was to get to 17%.  I did get measured underwater, so the best reading, by far.  However, I came in around 17.5% and I let it discourage me.  I lost several inches overall, 12#'s and looked noticeably different.  However, I let the BF reading mess with my head.  Not anymore, I am really not allowing numbers to control my mood for the day.  I am really trying to concentrate on how my clothes fit & how I look in the mirror.

    Remember, when you are doing too much cardio, you are burning up the muscle you have worked for, and will definately affect your BF% in a negative way.  That happened to me a few years ago.  I had my BF checked (underwater), and it was 19%.  I started incorporating more cardio, dropped 5 #'s, had it rechecked the same way, and my body fat was around 19.6%.  The man reading my results told me that I lost lean muscle mass and not fat.  I know you love Zumba, but during this challenge, you should really try to do no more than the three 20 minute sessions, and really push your weights as heavy as you can, and I bet you see the BF% go down.  

    On a side note, you look fabulous, so don't worry about what that handheld gizmo said; they tend to error +/- 3-5%.


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  • I think you are getting some great advice here, I just wanted to add that lots of cardio is NOT the way to lower your BF!!  I agree with the other that you need to keep your cardio at 20 min 3X a week MAX.  And make sure you are doing your HIIT not just steady state cardio.  If you are injured and need low impact try an elliptical or bike instead of the treadmill.  Also make sure ALL your meals contain a good source of protein ... I think one of your meals was just yogurt and fruit … Yogurt does have protein but it is a carb (unless it was plain greek yogurt).  Do a google search for "cutting diets" and "cutting workouts" and you will see that lifting heavy and getting good protein is more important than any amount of cardio!  Also don't forget to get your healthy fat in everyday!  Have your tried supplements??  What about CLA?  I have heard great things about it and the overall health benefits (IMO) seem to outweigh any possible side effects!

    All that being said I think you look fantastic!!  Please do not get down on yourself, you have done a great job!

  • Lots of good tips from everyone...especially about too much cardio. When I started my challenge, the body fat calipers said I was 26% bodyfat (measuring myself). But when I did the hydrostatic (gold standard for body fat testing) it said I was only 22% body fat. There is to much room for error with the body fat calipers.

  • BDMom, 1fitmama & marathonmama ~ thank you for your advice, and for your compliments!  I'm not gonna let this get me down....I've worked too hard for that to discourage me @ this point :-)  However, now I know I need to change some things up, and push a little harder......not just for the # to change, but to overall have better, greater results!

    1fitmama, I haven't tried that different than the Whey protein shakes/drinks?  I try & drink 2 protein drinks a day, but other than that, I don't eat protein bars (someone said they had too much sugar in them), and I traded coffee in, in the mornings for an energy drink called Spark, which has a lot of vitamins & amino acid in it.

    Thanks again, have a great Wednesday!  Tonya

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  • I too think you are on the right track.  Hit the cardio with true HIITs and make sure you reach your 10.  I too love zumba but it will be there when done with the challenge.

    CLA is conjugated lienolic (sp)acid,

    The most promising science around CLA concerns its effect on weight management. Thirty five intervention studies have been conducted using CLA in humans to investigate the effects of CLA on weight management. These studies, which vary widely in CLA dose and duration, show that the most significant effect of CLA on weight management is on body composition, a reduction in total body fat and an increase in lean body mass. The effect of CLA on fat mass is modest and at the recommended dosage of 3.2g/day produces statistically significant 90g fat loss per week as shown by a 2007 meta-analysis[30]. Doses higher than the recommended 3.2g do not seem to have any additional effects on body fat reduction. Another meta-analysis found that CLA supplementation produces about 1% increase in lean body mass. With the simultaneous decrease in fat mass couples with increases in lean body mass, often the net change in weight is small. However, the effects of CLA on body composition is a healthy effect since the degree of fat mass is related to all cause mortality [31] and lean body mass burns more calories than fat mass which may help to increase resting metabolic rates. CLA use itself is not an answer to the prevalence of obesity, but it can be a useful tool in addition to a healthy lifestyle and exercise program to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

  • firesong - I'm going to GNC today to ask about taking CLA......what kind do you suggest?  I looked online yesterday, and it looked like they had a couple of different ones.

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  • I looked up Spark Energy Drink and noticed it does have 11 carbs. Just something to consider but is better than a typical sugar-filled drink.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Hey BryanL - yes, I know, but funny, I order Spark through a trainer who told me to stop drinking coffee b/c it hinders your muscle growth. (I personally like the taste & the affects of Spark better than coffee, and I was putting @ least 2 tblsp. of french vanilla creamer in my coffee every morning, which was NOT good for me).  I asked another trainer just yesterday about taking CLA (or a supplement period), and he basically told me not to, just to keep doing what I'm doing, and train harder and I'll get there.  So, at some point I say, who/what do I believe and what do I think is best, you know??

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  • also, by my calculations, I'm allowed 120 carbs a day and hardly ever even reach that

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  • Doinit:  I sent you a PM

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