Bodyfat % still HIGH......WHY????

  • SO discouraged!   I just completed Challenge 2, got my bodyfat % checked about a month b/f it was over & it was 27%.  I did a very strict "no sugar diet" for the final 2 weeks, and only lifted, (no cardio) for those last 2 weeks b/c of my foot, and I went & had my final bodyfat checked @ the gym last night, and it was 25%.....UGH!!!!  I'm 5'3", weigh 120lbs., size 2, lost an inch in my chest and in my butt & 4 inches in my waist.  WHY is bodyfat % STILL so high??  If you have ANY suggestions, I would gladly listen & try anything!!

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  • I know this is going to sound weird BUT have some FAT!!! I quit Body For Life this week and dropped 4 pounds just by eating stuff like real cheese! strange I know but just try it... your body will burn more of it if you continue working out, I think what's happening is your body is storing fat for energy...

  • I didn't think about that!  I figured I was "still" doing something wrong.....not eating clean enough, or not lifting enough, but I will try.  It was just like a slap in the face, when I walked into the gym last night w/my husband AND my son, who haven't been doing BFL, or busting butt like I have in the last 12 weeks and theirs was both really low.....I was like OMG!  Thanks!

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  • Well also look at your PICS! there's no fat left lol... you look AWESOME!!!

  • thank you, but I just wondered why in the world it was saying 25% then?  Guess I need to TONE up!

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  • Cardio is what burns the fat in this program. Less fat = lower BF%.

    What method do you use to measure BF%?

    You look great and closer to 20%

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  • I have been doing an hour of Zumba (high impact cardio.....burning 400-500 cals. everytime), for 5 days a week since Sept., and I pretty much continued doing that w/BFL too, just dropped it down to 3 days a week.

    I measured @ the gym, (not sure what it's called), but it's their handheld tool that you stand there & hold.  And, THANK YOU!!

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  • Hey Doin it.....  My body type must be similar to yours, I have the same problem, and I obsess about it!   And yes, we do need the right fat in our diets to lose fat!

    Here are a few things that contribute to this;  1)  Our genes!  10% of the equation and unchangeable, but possible for change, it just takes more work to see results.   2)  Females will naturally hang on to more body fat then men, so it's twice as hard for us to get it off, for a lot of us females anyway.   3)  Age and hormones!  You might ask your doctor to check your hormone levels, lack of growth hormones makes it difficult to trim fat.  

    I use myself as a lab rat.  Based on my WO history in the past 30 years I feel I should have low body fat %.  I also started eating clean years ago, still not much of a change.  I've recently decided to try the supplement CLA, not sure if I'm sold on it yet, but I'm going to give it another 12 weeks, along with the BFL eating plan and WO, to see if that helps the body fat %.

  • Hi again!  You dropped 2% body fat in 4 weeks!  I am so proud of you!  

    Here's my 2 cents...

    Take your 2 weeks active rest.  I agree with hasam that you need fat in your diet.  Get a little extra in active rest.  When you come back for challenge 3, make sure your diet ratio is 40carbs/40protein/20fat.  Too many people go too low on the fat and that can hinder you.  Try to choose healthy fats like low fat cheeses and olive oil, etc.  I also think you need to do the HIIT cardio 3 days a week.  With things like ZUMBA, you will burn more carbs than fat because you are working out longer.  Also, you need to change up your exercises because your body gets too used to it.  So I think changing to the HIIT cardio in your next challenge will give you the exact results that you want even if the rest of us already think you look AMAZING!  :)

  • Well, I used to obsess about the # on the scale, and finally got over that, so I'm gonna try real hard NOT to obsess about the BF% #.  I can tell that fat stores in my butt & belly, ha!  So, I'll have to work extra hard, or maybe longer than others to notice more changes.  Thanks!!

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  • nancyjod - thank you for your advice and your compliment!  I started challenge 3 yesterday, and did HIIT last night on the bike.  :) Tonya

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  • Hey Doin it, it could also be too much cardio- go back to the book and read why Bill recommends only 20 mins :)

  • Hi Tonya,

    Do you have a example diet that you follow posted somewhere? That would also be helpful in trying to offer advice on your question "why is bodyfat still high?"


  • Hasam - yes......someone else had also told me that was way too much cardio, so I have switched that up now.  Thanks!

    KimC. ~ here's what I have been eating:

    Meal 1 - protein shake w/1 scoop of 100% Whey protein & 1 cup of skim milk

    Meal 2 - 2 eggs whites, 1 whole egg & oatmeal (made w/water)

    Meal 3 - salad w/brocc., tomatoes, f.f. cheese, f.f. croutons, hard-boiled eggs w/either tuna, grilled chicken or turkey

    Meal 4 - f.f. yogurt, or fruit, or almonds

    Meal 5 - protein drink w/sugar free crystal light, 1 scoop of protein powder & fruit

    Meal 6 - grilled fish or chicken or steak, w/dry sweet or baked potatoe & veggies

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  • Hey Doin it, first off, great transformation, you inspire me. As for your body fat, unless you have callipers and are checking you BF % correctly, I would not be too upset about it.. That hand held machine, that you plug in your height, weight etc, gives a very vague (and I am being nice) reading of your BF %. So have you BF% checked the old fashion way, much better accuracy. As for doing too much cardio, yes you can "over train" but not everything in Bill's book is completely scientifically solid, some of it is opinion based. So if you exceed 20 minutes of cardio, as long as you don't "over train" then doing extra does not hurt, but actually helps. During my first round of BFL, I achieved major results and my cardio is never less than 30 minutes. My wife and I even have gone as far as modifying the Ab workout due to some of the recommandations are for people who may have never exercised in their life. So unless you are just doing strictly cardio and no strength training, then you can achieve the same or even better results by doing a little my opinion of course

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