Results of my first Challenge - Not what I expected

  • Well I finally finished my first challenge. I am thrilled that I made it through the entire thing but I was very bummed out as I neared the end ad began to realize that I was still hanging on to quite a lot of body fat.  I gained a lot of muscle and I DID lose some inches so I know the program works.  It just seems that I have trouble losing weight, particularly fat.

    I followed BFL by the book and only missed 3 cardio workouts the entire time.  I only cheat twice and even reduced my Free day to a Free meal. I'm definitely doing another challenge.  It could be because I am so short that I have much less margin for error in my diet and I'm not getting the calorie deficit needed to lose fat.   

    Here are my BEFORE stats:

    Age 39  

    Height: 5'1

    Starting weight- 157.5

    Starting Body fat- 28.5%

    Neck- 14"


    Arm- 12.5"







    Neck- 13.5"

    Bust- 35"









    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • hey, you still look improved though!  Did you do any side poses by chance?  THOSE seem to be a great show of difference.  I lost similiar to you in my first challenge, with an average of 3 inches in each big area.  However my front and back pics looked too alike!  only my side pic showed the best.  And you are still smaller than you were before.

    So take a side pic also for C2!!!  Best of luck to you!

  • Hey Shoshie,  Don't be so hard on yourself, I can see change!  Remember, slow and steady to keep it off!  You've obviously made some changes, so that is a huge accomplishment!  DO NOT GIVE UP, YOU CAN DO THIS!

    Have you checked out any of the EAS supplements?  About half way through C1 I started using CLA, and I also make sure I take my daily vitamins.  And I agree, you may want to adjust your caloric intake, at least for a week to see if you find improvement in results.  I look at myself as a lab rat, trying new things all the time.  

    Stay strong and have a great day!

  • Hi Everyone, I have had a similar experience (wish I took pics...) Anyway, I started the program in mid-july and am doing well. Really enjoying it- it's a great program. I'm a total convert!

    I have a question though. I am a late 40s female who is 5 feet 8 " tall and weighed  175lbs at the start.  I have been losing body fat (scale said 30% body fat 10 weeks ago now it's 26.5%) and gaining definition and strength, but I weigh nearly the same thing 172 - lost only about 3 lbs overall. I am smaller, and definitely stronger, but would like to lose more weight, faster while continuing my muscle growth project. It seems that I might need more cardio than the 20 min 3x a week? my food is almost right in line, maybe less wine :). Thanks for any ideas or feedback you can offer.  Thanks!!! TR88

  • First of all Great Work and Congradulations to Shoshie.  You finished you did it.  Take a couple of weeks of Active Rest and jump back in like you said you will.  

    For TR88 your question about more cardio is a very common one.  Especially among the women here.  It seems so ingrained in people that it is what you have to do is slave away on some cardio machine.  BUT! if you do more your will only hurt your progress in the long run.  You've done well and made progress.  You are much healthier to boot.  Do you know what I would say about that scale?  Throw it in a deep dark hole and don't look at it again until the end.  Use tape measures and body fat% to measure your progess and don't be so tied to the scale.  Weight is just a number the question is how do you FEEL?  You mentioned that your food is almost right in line but maybe the wine.  I've seen it time and again on here when people say they are eating right and not seeing the results as much as they had hoped that if they took a real look at everything they put in their mouths there could be things that could be holding up some of that progress.  Do you keep a food journal?  Do you write everything down?  And I mean everything.  That bit of creamer in your coffee?  Or could it be that piece of candy your coworker gives you everyday?  


  • Thanks TravisinOmaha, that is really helpful. I will not let the scale undo me! I do keep a food journal but not as closely as suggested. I'm on it!

    I will keep pushin on! Cheers, TR88

  • Hi, I think you did great!  I've been on the program for about three weeks and I've lost 6 pounds and I haven't been trying to lose weight.  I eat a lot of fruits and then vegetables in the evening.  But the main thing is I cut out all junk food!  I eat loads of fruits, a typical morning is 1/2 a melon, 1 banana, 1 cup of berries, 1 apple, and maybe even more!  I can feel my hip bones without a padding of fat; first time in 3 plus years.  Try a lot of fruit - organic is much better, and local is great - then you know it is probably very fresh and picked likely ripe.