5'10" - 170 lbs.

  • I've reached my target weight, but as I posted earlier, I'm trying to get down to 10% BF.   Well, I upped my portions (added 300-400 calories per day) and kept my daily workout program (nearing the end of C2).   I don't want to lose any more weight.   I'm happy to report....my waist continues to shrink (down to 33" and closing in on my goal of 32").   I bought new pants a few weeks ago and they're falling off.......unbelievable.  


    I switched from an ab machine to doing 350+ bicycle crunches (3 days a week) for  on my cardio days.  Seems to be doing the trick.....


    One question that I have is - the cardio workouts of 20 min. are getting harder every time (withput increasing speeds) and I'm not sure why ????   Feels like I'm burning out.  Can I back off on HIIT and do a longer cardio session at less intensity to keep burning fat ?  Say, 30 minutes at 6-7 mph ?My cardio is done on the treadmill at the following speeds:

    Level 5 - 6.7

    Level 6- 7.2

    Level 7 - 7.7

    Level 8 - 8.2

    Level 9 - 8.7

    Level 10 - 10.0


  • Amazing isn't it? It's like I just bought these pants 2 weeks ago and I have to take them back!! lol

  • Congratulations on your success so far. I'm afraid that if you back off HIIT and go to longer cardio that you will slow down your fat loss - that's why BFL is designed the way it is. Also remember that you have less fat reserves to fuel your workouts and that may be why they seem to be getting harder. Maybe try adding even a few more calories the evenings before your cardio workouts.

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  • Highplains, I am only in Challenge 1, but have you considered changing your cardio routine away from the treadmill?  Maybe your body is burned out, at least for that exercise.  Elliptical, or even swimming could still get you to those tens, without stressing the same muscles in the same movements. Its worth a try, it might just give them enough of a break that when you go back to the treadmill your level 10 will be even higher.  

  • Highplainsdrifter - your weight should be less concern than the body fat %.  I only say this because your weight may go up if you build more muscle and lose the fat.  With that said, can you tell us what your current body fat % is and what you eat on a daily basis?  Maybe there could be some tweaking there to help you reach that 10% goal.  Also, how are you doing on your weight lifting days?  doing the longer cardio will burn more carbs and less fat.  You should probably stick with the HIIT, but (like others suggested) choose a different exercise for cardio.  Best of luck!

  • nancyjod,

    yes, my weight has leveled off and my waist is still shrinking, which is great.  This is exactly what I want, but the cardio is becoming brutal to get through.  What would you think about getting off the treadmill for awhile (my knees, hips and foot are taking a beating) and trying the bike ?  (I tried an elliptical, but it's just not for me.....the bike also doesn't feel like a good workout, but it's all i can come up with).        

  • I personally love running.  The eliptical and bike are not my favorites either.  I find it hard to even step on the eliptical (hurts my knees - weird!)  But I can get a great workout on the bike when I need a break from the treadmill.  I keep my pace at 80, but increase the resistance each time to acheive HIIT.  Good luck!

  • I think my reply is a bit late but here goes, re-consider the speeds. Are you really starting at YOUR level 5 and six? You seem to be doing to much in terms of the speeds. Level 5 (and rather 6~) should be to regroup and take it few notches down to gear up for 7-10. You seem to be jogging and running from beginning to end. To me that will burn me out before i even reach level 9.

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