Week 8

  • Hey everyone! Starting my 8th week and already can feel my muscles building. I am so excited about these last 5 weeks! Can anyone share their results at the 8 week mark?

  • I'm at the same point as you... I've lost 15lbs, look leaner, feel stronger, better cardio. Each session at the gym I am able to push just a little harder than the las one. I also am suoer excited about the last five weeks!

    We're almost there!


  • I am in week 8 now, and will do measurements and stats at the end of the week, but below is what has happened so far.  One discount is that for week 6 I was very sick for the full week, and did no exercising but followed the eating program.  Week 7 was doing some rebuilding and my lungs are still bad so the cardio has been slow to recover.  

    And I too share your excitement.

               Day 1                                Day  28 Day 44

    Weight       174.2                              168.4 162

    BMI              31   (obese)                    29 (overweight)                     27.8

    Chest          40                                     39 38

    Waist           38                                     35 34

    Hips             42                                     39 38

    thigh            24                                     22 21.5

    arms            12                                     11.5 11.5

    I could only run one minute without walking, Day 28 I can run 5 minutes.  

    Cardio     Minute 19 = 4.6  mph     Minute 19 = 6.1 mph 6.3

    lbwo         squats 40 lbs                  squats 60 lbs 105

    ubwo        bench press 20 lbs       bench press 45 lbs 65

  • Wow the formatting screwed up the post.  Day 44 should read....

    weight 162

    BMI         27.8

    Chest     38

    Waist      34

    Hips        38

    thigh        21.5

    arms       11.5

    cardio      6.3

    lbwo squats 105

    ubwo bench press   65

  • Thanks guys looks great! Keep it up.....do u guys plan on doing another challange after?

  • jodielee, I certainly plan on it.  I know I can accomplish only so much in 12 weeks and I was in such bad shape when I started, so once my challenge is over, and I do two weeks of active rest, I plan on a second challenge to get me the rest of the way to my long term goals.

  • middle of week 11 here wow cant believe i stuck it out this long I didn't start to see anything happening until week 10.. starting weight 262  end of week 10 down to 236 stronger and with  cardio i can actually do the entire 20 minutes without walking.. started out  doing about 1.3 miles on the treadmill for HIIT I just broke the 2 mile mark .. keep at it jodielee the best is yet to come..

  • island dude, you hit two of my goals, the 2 miles and the whole HIIT without walking.  Congrats and great job.

  • just hit a personal best on cardio... minutes 1 and 2 walk, then jog/ran the rest! Never been a runner, so for me this was a pretty good feeling!

    Hope everyone having great workouts today!

  • Thanks firesong! And congrats to you on your progress so far! Keep doin what you doin and you'll be there too..  1jodio way to go! jodielee I'm taking 2 weeks AR after next week and gonna get back on the train again.. still have a way to go even though i have made great progress since i started... lookin for that flat belly and broad shoulders hehe :-)

  • Great job! I actually just finished my week 8 last week. Looking forward to hitting week 12 and then starting a mass building one.

    6'3" 34 Years old

    Week 1

    235lbs     24.2%bf     BMI-31     Lbs of Fat-56.87     Lean Body Mass-178.13

    Week 8

    220lbs     15.5%bf     BMI-27.9     Lbs of Fat-34.1    Lean Body Mass-185.9

    22.77 lbs of pure fat gone!

    7.77 lbs of lean body mass added.

    My goal is 205 at 13%

    Keep up the good work