Challenges, expectations and results.

  • Hi Everyone :)

    I decided to start this thread as I am nearing the end of week 9 of my first challenge and am thinking about what I've achieved, what I haven't achieved, what my results are so far, and what I will be aiming for in my next challenge.  

    I know many of you are just starting out, and I also know that many more have completed multiple challenges, and are planning the next.

    My questions are:

    1) How many challenges have you completed?

    2) What progress have you made in each challenge physically?

    3) What progress have you made in each challenge mentally?

    4) Have you met your expectations/ goals?

    5) Will you continue with another challenge?

    6) What are your goals for the next challenge?

    7) How has BFL changed or improved your life?

    My answers:

    1) I'm at C1W9D60

    2) I have managed to drop two dress sizes and change my shape. My upper-body has seen the most improvement.

    3) I have struggled with motivation at times, but have persevered. Investing time in MYSELF is a constant struggle but one I am rapidly overcoming.

    4) I haven't met all my goals (yet) but have seen significant improvements which I am very happy about and still have 3 weeks to go.

    5) I will definitely continue with another challenge.

    6) I want my lower body to lean out and my abs to shine through.

    7) BFL is slowly transforming me from the inside out by teaching me that I am worth the investment and boosting my confidence.  There is a part of me that wants to transform for a romantic relationship, which I have dismissed for two years.

  • 1)  I completed one challenge in 2004, got injured doing a 2nd right after.  But I just finished C1 in January this year.  Currently in C2, Week 4.

    2)got stronger, lost 3 inches in waist, and 13 lbs., 2% body fat.

    3)feel better about challenges that come my way.  Things don't seem as impossible to reach as they used to.  more confidence at work.

    4) did NOT reach my goals, I was expecting to look like the pictures in the book.  eventually reality hit me and I wasn't NEAR as disciplined as those people

    5) yep, currently on C2 (not counting what I did years ago)

    6) lose more than 2% body fat (I'm anxious about that one)  not looking at scale weight loss really, would like to drop 1 more size.  Also lose this 'fat line' I have going all around my belly button.

    7) more confidence, more wil power and self-control, and not just when it comes to food.  to other things that need discipline like spending or wanting material things.