60 Plus....Looking for You

  • I haven't found anyone over 60 in all the post I've read. I'm looking forward to speaking to others my age. I use the younger folks for inspiration

    but when it comes down to it....I walk on my tread mill but I'm starting to shine with the weights. Anyone interested in doing this thing together?

    Need folks that share the same decade.


  • Poppi,

    I'm 60 & 4 weeks into my 3rd challenge. I hang out in the BFL Warriors group. We are a small group of guys & girls of various ages & BFL experience. Drop in sometime & check us out. We would love to have you join our group!!

  • Thanks for the invite Hiker. I'll be 65 in April and would like to know if there may be others of us in the age range. Do you know of any. Poppi

  • Poppi,

    Here is a link to a guy who is over 70. Proof that it can be done!!


  • Poppi,

    If you want to find more 60 plus folks, type 60 year in the search box & then press the enter key.