Extra Cardio

  • To all those who advised against doing extra cardio, you were right !  I simply increased the intensity of my cardio HIIT for 20 mintues and, what do you know ?   My waist and BF% are dropping consistently.   I now understand that extra cardio would have zapped my energy (and probably muscle mass), not to mention my time.  The key is to push the 20 minute cardio to a true "10".  I was at about a 9-9.5 before.......thanks.     

  • I've noticed that even though I am gaining stamina and strength, I have to be careful to keep upping the exercises as far as weight goes and HIIT but not to change it too much and not be able to get the good effect of the 10's.   It's a fine line, but man, when you hit those 10's and eat by the book you sometimes almost think you can see changes happening real time!  OK, so that's a stretch, but you know what I mean.  Changes happen faster for sure!