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    What about a section about what to do AFTER the challenge? How to maintain? --> maybe call "Staying the course"?




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  • That's a great idea... how helpful that would be!

  • MyDecade...

    Do you know about Active Rest?  That's something developed by the late great Mike Harris.

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  • Here ya go - a repost from our Hero himself! :)


    Are you planning another challenge after finishing the one you’re in now? If so, the material that follows should be of some interest and some help to you. It seems like roughly one-half of those who start and complete a 12 week transformation challenge are planning on going into another one in order to get into the shape that they want.

    The first thing I want to ask you–actually I’m begging you–is to NOT GO IMMEDIATELY from one challenge right into the next one without a break. Here’s why. Whether you really feel like it or not, a transformation challenge takes a toll on you. The early rising, strenuous exercising and relatively strict dieting are good for you–but over 12 weeks time they can also wear you out.

    You deserve AND NEED a week or more of rest before you get back into the gym. Think about this: If you go right from one challenge to another, what you’re really doing is taking a 24 week challenge. That’s nearly 6 months, and it’s longer than most should be doing. Most second and subsequent challenges that occur without a break between tend to be very unproductive and unhappy experiences. They also tend to be more often plagued by injuries, illnesses and overtraining effects.

    My favorite fitness author, Albuquerque attorney Clarence Bass, coined the phrase "active rest." That’s what you need to do between challenges. What you need to do, for at least one week and preferably two, is to stay clear out of the gym and away from the weight lifting routine entirely. And don’t worry about losing muscle mass, you won’t. The phenomenon called muscle memory will put you right back into the groove very quickly once you are rested. In fact, you might actually pick up some muscle mass due to the well-deserved rest. Your joints will thank you for it too.

    Instead of lifting weights, do one or two of your favorite non-resistance training types of exercises. I do lots of calisthenics such as pushups, pullups, and squat jumps. I also do some bike riding or stair climbing. I take very long walks with my dog. Others enjoy things like swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, or even chopping wood and heavy gardening activity. This gets you out of the old groove, works different areas of your body, and still gives you plenty of fat-burning and fitness forming activity.

    As for the diet, stick with the six meals a day. But, add in a bit of red meat if you are inclined, and experiment with some non-typical foods. This might be a good time to try a little of that natural peanut butter you’ve been craving. I eat a fair amount of non-tropical fruits and berries as carb portions during my rest periods. And I eat some lean red meat which has lots of creatine in it. Don’t make your two weeks off a two week free day or you’ll regret it.

    Consider your two weeks active rest a working vacation. You’ll be amazed at your renewed strength, your enthusiastic outlook, and your youthful appearance following your time off. If you don’t do it, you’ll feel like you’re dragging a 100 pound anchor around with you for the next twelve weeks. Which one sounds like the best bet to you?

  • Hi Guys!

    You see... My main point is that there is not a section in this forum to talk about active rest or any other post-challenge option. Here we are in "My Transformation" talking about something not related... Oh well...

    I have to say, yes I know about active rest. But is that the only way to maintain? Always 2 weeks of active rest followed by another challenge?

    I am finding my first challenge very challenging :-). Right now I'm committed to do a second one because I've made progress but I'm far way from where I want to be. However, when I reach my goal I am unclear if I want to keep doing challenges. I know I want to keep eating clean and doing HIIT at least twice a week. Yes, weight training too but those it has to be challenge style?

    Could it be for example a semi-challenge, meaning six weeks and then two of active rest, instead of twelve and then two of active rest?

    Many people fall from the wagon after the challenge, shouldn't there be a section dedicated to this topic? I believe it is of such importance that there should be...

    Thanks all!

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  • I totally get what you are saying, and I think it would be a great addition to the site. People usually change things up and tweak a few things here and there; it would be a nice place to compare notes on what everyone is doing to maintain their body-for-life, when not in an actual challenge.  The coffee crew is a great place to go check out, if you haven't already.

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  • Yes BDMom. I agree.

    I don't think I will be able to go on for ever with challenges + Active Rest (two weeks). Once I reach my goal I must find a way to maintain and I would love to know exactly what others are doing...

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  • Great idea!  Keep your eyes open in the next few days and you'll get your wish!

    ~Chris from the BFL Team

  • Ask & you shall receive...I like that.

    Thank you for always being open to suggestions, and striving to make this site the fantastic source of inspiration and information that it is.  You guys Rock!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thank you "Chris from the BFL Team"!!!! :-)

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  • Can't wait to see the new addition! I totally blew it during my 'active rest'! It was just like Mike called it...a two week free day, and I regret it! Having a place to talk about maintaining will be great and just what I will need when my C2 is over!


  • Maintenance which is actually learning what the "for life" part of BFL is a about, can be that hardest part.  What do you do after cycling through challenges and active rest a few times?  You start to realize that you can't quite keep this up, but you don't want to stop altogether.  That's when you start to develop your own game plan.  You start to decide what works for you.  What can you sustain?  For some people it leads to involvements in other arenas such as crossfit, or competitions.  Others like myself just constantly continue to work on staying "in the loop".  Sometimes I'm just in cruise control, eating and working out in a bit of a lenient manner.  And other times I'm using food and exercise to help propel me through my goals.  I've found I can't always do challenges when I want, and I tend to always want to be doing a challenge.  But I have found that my love for how good nutrition and exercise makes me feel, keeps me addicted to the routine.

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  • very well said, Jeff

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  • Great suggestion!  I have been wondering the same thing myself.  I may be a little impatient, but is "After the Challenge" out yet?