Had to buy new jeans over the weekend..

  • And have a feeling they will need to be replaced 'soon' too, as I think they will be too big very soon :).

    When I started, I took pics, but didnt do measurements so I dont know how many inches I'm loosing, but the belly is for sure disappearing.   Last week was rough.  Am at the 1/2 way point just today.   Have really had to reach down deep to get the exercising taken care of properly, and not get to the point where I'm just going thru the motions.  I still cant WAIT for warm / decent weather so I can get out of the home gym and do some outside workouts..  Have no problems at all with the food.  Was kind like a couple of years ago when I stopped smoking.  I just decided this was stupid and stopped.  Kinda the same place with food.  Decided there was plenty of good tasting stuff allowed here, stop eating so much sugar and sat fats, stop eating so much of the junk food, sure it 'tastes' good, but not THAT much better.  And eating every 3 hours or so gives you PLENTY of good energy with proper portions..

    I have been tracking weight as I've stated before, BUT am not fretting over it if it goes up a bit as I know it will come back down.  Down over 20 lbs now, but feel the 'fat' loss is more then that, but dont know the exact amount, and really dont care :)

    edit to add:  Oh yea, I've posted it before, but DRINK THAT WATER!!! Sooo  important!

  • Well done & congratulations on the new pair of jeans!!

    Diet is truly 80% of the puzzle, so kudos to you on that front; it sounds as if you've got that part down.  Keep in mind to really keep that fat burning, you need to get those muscles building.  Muscle burns more fat.  Also, those HIIT workouts are crucial to fat loss.  Do what you need to do to talk yourself through those weight & cardio sessions.  They are so important for bone & muscular health as well.  And, water is very important.  You are doing so many things right, keep it up!!  I am sure we all do better in warmer weather; it is right around the corner.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Awesome accomplishment! I couldn't make myself buy jeans a month ago (starting week 4 today) when my friend and I went shopping. I saw the size i neede at that point but refused to spend money on pants that size! So, I am hoping to buy more in the next couple of weeks!

    Also, I have some smaller jeans that I could SQUEEZE in to before the challenge started, but I can't wait to wear them and breathe at the same time! That was actually one of my goals I wrote down!

  • I'm on week 16 of Body for Life and went from size 40 to 34!!! I love putting on my 40's... did I really used to fit in these LOL