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  • Okay I started my challenge the first Monday in January. My dad had done a challenge before and lost lots of weight but he had health problems and surgeries and so he gained all his weigh back and wanted to do it again..  He wanted me to do the challenge so I could get in the best shape as possible because I'm a basketball player and he knew that playoffs would be about the same time as the end of the challenge so we started. My beginning weight was about 203. That horrified me because I never really considered myself super fat but that was how I felt when I saw that. I'm 6ft tall and I've always had hips and a big butt but never rolls or anything so I didn't really consider myself fat just big. Once I took a long hard look in the mirror I knew I had some major room for improvment. I just finished my 7th week of the challenge and I am getting frustrated. I have lost around 25 pounds, because I now weigh 178. My parents keep telling me how awesome that is but I just cant get excited about it because I cant really see a difference. I know I'm a little bit slimmer and everything because my clothes fit better, but I want to be able to see a BIG difference. I mean if any of my friends lost 20 punds they would look like skeletons and here I still look basically the same. I want to know what I need to do different for the last 4 weeks of my challenge. I stick to the workouts as best as I can, I'm still in highschool so days that I have away games I usually dont make it to the gym, but I have basketball practice and games where I'm constantly running so I figured it would kind of off set the days I miss especially since when I do go workout at the gym It's after I've had at least 3hrs of basketball practice already.

    Meal 1: whole grain cheerios and 2%milk or Myoplex shake

    Meal 2: 100 calorie cereal bar( not sure how bad these are for me they have about 7g of sugar)

    Meal 3: Turkey Sandwich mustard honey wheat bread.(ive already decided to go whole wheat hoping that will be better for me)

    Meal 4: Sugar free jello or pudding ( im not sure if these are hurting me I just know that they taste good)

    Meal 5: grilled chicken fajitas on wheat tortilla with grilled onions and bel peppers or green beans, corn and grilled chicken

    Meal 6: Myoplex shake or 100 calorie snack

    (I will admit I cheat every now and then and go get a Ocean Water from sonic, Water may be in the name but its not actually in the drink. Its actually sprite and blue coconut juice, but I wont be getting any more of those for awhile.)

    I'm a kind of picky eater I don't like fruit at all so it wasn't hard for me not to eat that and I'm not big on veggies but I'll eat green bean and corn. I'm prepared to make myself eat some stuff I dont like if anyone has any suggestions they think will help. I just don't want all the work I have put in to be for nothing. I'm starting week 8 which is suppose to be the miracle week, I just dont see it actually happening to me so I'm ready to really buckle down these last 4 weeks so that I can see some difference in my body.

     We played our first playoff game Friday night and won. Now we have Regional Quarterfinals tonight, I'm feeling really good and energized,  The Regional tournament is this weekend and the state tournament is next weekend, so if anyone has any suggestions for me I would really appreciate it so that I can perfect my diet and reach my goal of winning a state championship. :)

  • First of all, congratulations on the huge loss; that is definately something to celebrate!  Too many people want their bodies to change overnight, and that is just not going to happen; you really need to have some patience!   I do see several changes in your menus that you can make.  First of all, have you read the book?  It is really all laid out for you there.  I am assuming you are male, right?

    Here are my suggestions:

    Meal 1:  Make this the bigges meal of the day, so you stay full longer, especially since you are in school.  Get rid of the cereal and have some protein pancakes, or an egg burrito or eggs & oatmeal.  Make sure you are getting about 30 grams protein & 30 grams carbs in that meal.

    Meal2:  I am sure you can bring a cooler to school.  In place of the cerearl bar, eat a protein bar (like Myoplex, balance, etc.....), or add some protein powder to some water and have a protein shake.

    Meal 3:  This is fine, as long as you are sticking to the carb/protein ratios.  Throw some lettuce & tomatoes on there to get some veggies in.

    Meal 4:  This isn't even a meal.  Ditch it all together and have something like a chobani yogurt with a boiled egg or some cottage cheese with an apple.

    Meal 5:  This looks fine, if ratios are right.

    Meal 6:  Ditch the 100 calorie snack pack and stick to the Myoplex shake.

    Being a picky eater really limits you.  I say that you are young enough to train your tastebuds to like some new foods.  It is really important to get those leafy greens in, as well as some sweet potatoes or tomatoes.  Try to think of your plate as a rainbow; try to get as many colors in there as possible.  Diet is truly 80% of the puzzle, and if you have done as well as you have eating the way you have been, then I think if you really clean it up, and no more sugary drinks at Sonic then you will see very big changes to come in the next four weeks.

    Best of luck to you @ regional and state.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"