ZUMBA anyone??

  • just wondering if anyone does 60 mins. of ZUMBA for their cardio??

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  • My gym has just started offering this class.  A few friends of mine rave about it and say they feel the effects for days afterwards.  I don't do it as I am sticking to the BFL plan, but can't wait to try it during my active rest.

    Are you currently doing a challenge or have you just adopted the principles of BFL?

  • I tried BFL last yr. in April, but didn't get the results I wanted, so I'm trying it again.   I love Zumba tho, and probably burn more calories doing that than I would running on a treadmill, I was just going to see if anyone else does it, and what kind of results they saw doing it as their cardio.

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  • I'm sure Zumba is a very good cardio workout, but if you really want to follow the BFL guidelines, it really doesn't replace intervals.  I used to do aerobics and steady-state cardio (could burn 1100 calories in one session... on a regular basis).... found it hard to believe that 20 minutes of cardio was all I needed.  But honestly, I never REALLY tried intervals.... I'm talking HIGH INTENSITY.  It's not about the calories burned as much as the fat burned... especially for the hour afterward.

    You owe it to yourself to commit to a true BFL 12-week challenge without any tweaking.  Do you have the original book?  If not, I highly recommend that you read it from cover to cover.

    All the best!

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  • yes, I have read the book....I just love doing zumba, so I was getting thoughts on doing it instead of 20 mins. on a treadmill or a stair climber, etc.

    Thank you for your input!!

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