The free day

  • Hi 6packmission,

    Overeating, of any kind (junk food, clean food you name it) is a destructive behavior. It is the product of obsession. It is an eating disorder. It is an unhealthy relationship with food.

    Do I binge? Yes. That doesn't mean I don't see it for what it is: a bad behavior that I'm working to remove from my life.


    Live life with passion!

  • Yes marathonmama,

    The point is to improve our behavior, not all at once but by little triumphs and noticing our bodies real needs.

    I have no issue with what food or how much food people eat on their free day but they have to recognize when something is wrong with their eating behavior, when it is compulsive and unconscious. This is simply abusing our bodies.

    Live life with passion!

  • Over eating in a compulsive or extreme way is binging.  The first step is recognizing things.  I'm not judging because I've been there and sometimes still fall into that pit.  It's a bad place to be and not healthy, even if only 1 day per week.  For healthy people, over eating is something they do at a Thanksgiving or maybe with their favorite food.  It's true the book does not restrict, but I don't know if Bill considered eating disorders, food issues, etc.  He saw it as a day to intentionally over feed and to indulge some to help with the psychological aspects.  He didn't write about this kind of extreme behavior.  Also, remember that eating too much junk on free day actually harms us physiologically and psychologically because it increases addictions.  People think feeding a craving keeps it at bay, but that's not true.  Having a little of something you've been wanting is okay, but having a lot of chocolate (as an example) if sugar is your thing means that your next day just might be a disaster.  Let's also remember the "for life" part.  Is that kind of extreme behavior really congruent with for life habits and goals?

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Whoa! There's a lot of emotion in here! Haha. Hopefully everyone knows that foods which are high fat (other than healthy sources such as nuts), full of refined sugar and heavily processed are not healthy and are good for one thing...they just taste good. But let's clean up the atmosphere on this forum. I have to say, I am tempted to quit logging on as there are some postings on here that are making me want to quit the BFL program and just go back  exclusively to my world of endurance sports. I'm already an athlete. I know how to lose weight. I wanted to see how well BFL worked when followed as prescribed. However some of the postings are making me think BFL has become nothing but a bunch of high and mighties who think they know everything about nutrition and exercise because they lost a few pounds. Fortunately the majority is not that way, but in this case, the negativity from the minority is just a little louder. I would hate to be someone trying to get into shape for the first time who logs on and reads some of the stuff on here. Let's all try to be a positive influence for a healthy lifestyle. In my humble opinion I think the time to offer our "advice" is when someone asks for it. Blasting people for their babysteps is only going to discourage.

  • I totally agree with marathonmama. We have to be supportive of each other. This is not a bodybuilding forum. This is a BFL forum. We should be following a program generally as it is written. Yes we will all tweak it (I know I have, I am in C2 though) but I think these things should be left off the public forum and taken private as not to offend or confuse any other members. There may be new members who are lurking and afraid to post. Well this for sure would scare 'em away.

    We have to all keep that in mind

    Keep it friendly.