The free day

  • My Free Day was wonderful!

    I so need it too...

    Usually my free day is Sunday but my legs were so sore from workout and I was so tire I decided to take it on Saturday. I was extremely tired.

    My daughter had been sick, my husband is sick, my workouts were hard, my legs hurt, my sleep interrupted by my daughter several times. I was exhausted.

    So in the middle of the night I decided to take Saturday free instead of Sunday. It has been wonderful.

    My free day was:

    Free of guilt,

    Free of obsessions,

    Free of binging,

    Free of overeating,

    Free of dieting,

    Free of exercising :-)

    My legs are almost fully recover and I will hit it hard tomorrow during HIIT. :-)

    Aaaaah so good to be able to take a free day!

    Live life with passion!

  • Thank you MyDecade for this post.  I read so much on these boards about not having free days, and an almost superior than thou attitude if you take one.  Bill Phillips set up the free day originally for very sound reasons and I think you hit it on the head with your post, especially in regards to free of obsessions and free of guilt. Excellent thoughts.

  • I actually have to disagree with you jessica with what you said about th eatingforlife book, the recipes contained in that book while a little richer and alot tastier then your standard bodyforlife rigid meal of chicken broccoli and brown rice, this is after all a lifestyle not 12 weeks and whilst one may get better results over a 12 week period with the more rigid/bland recipe approach, its much more sustainable a lifestyle if you actually enjoy what your eating, the meals in eatingforlife are not unhealthy, I think its a problem that alot of people have though that if they arent suffering or feel deprived with their diet then its not really working

  • My free day is on Monday... I can't wait until C2 so I can switch that to a Friday!  I really enjoy going out for a drink and a pizza with my friends.  I am also going to pick up my Eating For Life book, (don't refer to it now because half the stuff is American products and I'm in the UK), and see what I can cook up.

    I've never been strict on my Free Days - I just eat what I want with no guilt.  I've got three weeks left of challenge 1 to complete and see Free Day as more of an exercise break rather than a pig-out day.  I more or less eat my 6 meals but have a desert and a steak, and I have as many cups of tea and chocolate cookies as I want too!

  • I had my free day today and it was great! Sometimes I dream all week about what l want to eat and come free day, I don't really want it anymore. And other days, when free day gets here I want to eat EVERYTHING! That's the nice thing about free day. If you want it, go for it. If you don't, that's fine too. All the extra carbs felt great! I ate everything I had been wanting all week (cookies, pizza, chocolate, bannana bread). I just finished my 6th week and maybe my stomach has shrunk due to the 6 small meals, but I found I didn't go into binge mode even though I endulged in all my cravings. I had several cookies..but not the whole box like I use to do. I did have pizza, but only a slice instead of the whole thing. I had actualy planned on having more, but got full faster than I expected. Now I'm not patting myself on the back. Trust me, I ate a ton of junk today. But I found I was satisfied with much smaller amounts than I used to be. And since I don't feel like I am giving up my favorite foods forever (I am never more than 6 days away from them) I didn't feel like I had to shove my face with every possible food I could think of. My husband asked if I wanted to stop for ice cream on the way home from the pizza parlor and I passed it up. Not because I was virtuous, but I was satisfied and actually didn't really want it because I knew that if that's what I crave later, I can have it next free day. Had I been on a traditional "diet" I would have went into "last supper" mode and ate it no matter how much it hurt my stomach because I knew it would be a loooooong time before I would be allowed to eat it again. Now, I did endulge on some homemade bannana bread when I got home that I'd been craving all week! But I was pleased with the fact that I was able to turn the ice cream down without thinking about it or having any regret. Normally I would have ate the ice cream and the whole loaf of bannana bread (among other things)!

  • Yes Marathonmama!!!

    That's exactly how I feel about free day.

    And I'm also satisfied with less. I think the more you get into BFL the better your free day will get and by better I don't mean "eating clean" but just eating what you crave without overeating or binging. This to me means being SATISFIED, not FULL. And you will also be able to pass on certain treats once you are satisfied just like you did with the ice cream.

    I agree with you. It is so nice to know you are only six days away from the fun food. I believe these type of foods can only be called junk food if overdoing it and basing your diet on them. I call them fun food when done in moderation.

    For instance, generations ago sugar was not readily available. So mom baked cookies or a cake once in a while and the family took part on the fun of it. Now we have everything in such amounts it is crazy!

    Anyway, just some thoughts.

    PD: Please note that English is not my first language :-) So I'm bound to make mistakes when I write and when I try to use some common phrases. It is funny really because sometimes I read my own posts and the way I write makes me laugh :-) I hope you laugh too hehehehe

    Live life with passion!

  • 6packmission - Eating for Life is not a BFL approved cookbook and there's a reason for that.  Have you seen the calories for each meal?  They are outrageous.  It might be okay for maintenance, but not for someone wanting an awesome contest.  I plenty enjoy my authorized meals.  It's about spices, not a few ingredients.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Bill Phillips is the author of Bodyforlife and according to him the recipes in eating for life are bodyforlife approved and thats good enough for me, some of the dinner recipes may be a litle high is cals but you can make them to suit individual portions. Further more most of the participants in Bills new transformation have used those recipes with bfl and there transformations are nothing short of amazing, one guy Marthy Goldman lost 72lbs of fat in 18 weeks using those recipes, also when you really enjoy healthy food your not inclined to pig out on the freeday as much

  • Bill left EAS years before writing Eating for Life and if you listen to his latest stuff, there's a clear shift.  You are simply not best with it.  I would gain weight if I used those recipes and that's even if I did proper portions.  You say you want a 6 pack, but to do so you need actions congruent with those goals.  

    Almost all of the recipes are misaligned on calories.  Some are double!  

    Many of the winners NEVER did any of Bill's programs.  Did you know that?

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I think at the end of the day, one meal plan will work for some and not for others.  We are all made differently and have different lifestyles.  

    The BFL plan is a rarity and works for ALL simply because of the calorie deficit and it doesn't exclude any nutrient rich foods - carbs/protein/good fats.  I don't think the Eating For Life recipes are to be used at every meal, but you can most certainly include them into your plan if you are aware of the calories and know how many you should be having in a day.

    An EFL meal in the morning might mean smaller portions in the evening dependent on the calories you have consumed, but the same can be said about every meal we have.

    So, monitor your portion sizes, don't be fixated but aware of the calorie content and let the results speak for themselves. Enjoy your food!  You're in this for LIFE!

  • BTW,

    I want to list what I ate in my last free day that is not allowed in the regular weekdays:

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwich


    Bubble tea (very sweet - with sugar)

    Full fat cheese (my favorite)

    Live life with passion!

  • The peanut butter and jelly is my weak spot.  I do at least get a little of the jelly taste with my sugar free grape spead on my whole wheat toast some days.  But I love a real PB&J lol..

  • I am sorry but theres been alot of rubbish written in this thread regarding trying to control your freeday, of course one may do that if thats what they really want to do but they shouldnt make other people feel like they arent doing the program correctly because of some self imposed restriction

    Please read the chapter in bodyforlife regarding the freeday, the word binge is such a horrible word.It makes it seem like your doing something dispicable , a better way of explaining binging is overeating but just because one does it with there favourite foods its called binging.

    Binging or overeating as I prefer to call it is perfectly natural response if one has been in a negetive calorie balance for 6 days a week I mean the body actually needs this extra food for recovery and as it happens the junky hi glycemic carbs one gets from freeday is perfect for this.

    Tell me how is piging out one day a week harmful if you still lose 20lbs in 12 weeks?most people are going from 7 days of no exercise  and  everyday being freeday to 6 days of 100% strictness with food and exercise and 1 day off where they dont exercise and eat what they like, cmon people this is a major shift in habbits.

    Im sorry but I just get pissed off when people try and change this part of the program, its there for a reason

  • 6Pack mission,

    I agreee with you! I was amazed when I read the free day diet of  akmama08. Very inspiring! She ate half a pizza and several candy bars among a host of other things on her free day and was competing in fitness competitions at the end of her challenge! On another note, it is exciting for people like me who have had problems with binge eating disorders (not just typical over eating) to note that the further into the program you get, some times (not every free time) you may find the desire diminished for the fun foods. I went all out on my last free day and it was GREAT! I could tell my body needed the extra carbs. I was happy to find that I was satisfied with less of the junk than normal though. I wasn't resisting at all. I just was completely satisfied with less.  don't get me wrong I still ended up with 5 girls scout cookies and 2 home made chocolate chip cookies and a handful of cheetos for lunch (and that was just lunch!), but I felt satisfied after that amount which was a huge improvement over the day I would have ate several boxes of girl scout cookies and the whole batch of choc chip cookies along with the bag of cheetos...and kept going till I literally could eat no more! I say make free day, YOUR free day. Eat what YOU want. If it is a lot or a little. It is your day to eat whatever you want however you want! If less is more, Great! If more is more. Enjoy!

  • "Tell me how is piging out one day a week harmful if you still lose 20lbs in 12 weeks?most people are going from 7 days of no exercise  and  everyday being freeday to 6 days of 100% strictness with food and exercise and 1 day off where they dont exercise and eat what they like, cmon people this is a major shift in habbits."

    Ok. I am not sure I like the tone or the way this is going. No need to be confrontational, or condescending.

    First off, free day is just that. FREE. FREE to do what one wants with it. Some may go nuts on the stuff they are tempted by (I LOVE chocolate, PB and sweets in general so there is my weakness, and bigger portions of healthy stuff doesn't cut it for me) and others may feel fine not taking the free day. I personally NEED that free day. For me free means no hard and fast rules. If I want chocolate I can have it. If I want junk in general, I can have it. The point for me is free day is free.

    BUT, I am very close to goal. SO, granted I have not tried "pigging out" (maybe I should) but I know for me, coming from years of eating right and exercising with weights and cardio daily, going nuts would most likely be counterproductive for me. I wish I was wrong. And maybe I am, just too afraid to find out. So I practice a bit of control even on my free day.

    I also do not approach BFL as a diet and therefore even on "free day" there is no reason to go nuts. Is that a way to live? Seems a bit backwards to me. I want a lifestyle. I don't want to eat clean and healthy and do all these great things for my body and then come one day a week stuff it with stuff I know is not good or helpful to me. There is no benefit in eating junk food except mental. No one can argue that sweets are "good" for you. Maybe good for a mental break, but nutritionally speaking there are no ifs ands or buts. They do nothing for you (please someone correct me if there is evidence otherwise)

    I know I still want to have some element of self control on free day because that is what BFL is about for me. Learning MODERATION. YES even on free day.

    Everyone here has different goals and are coming from different places and starting points. People are free to make suggestions and others are free to take the advice. People are often speaking from personal experience. Everyone is different. Let's try to remember that and keep the tone friendly.