protein powder frequency?

  • hello community --

    i am not sure about the frequency with which to consume protein powder. having read some of the sample weekly menus on this site and reading other sources, i have noticed a few patterns. I'm not sure if I should drink it:

    1) within the hour before my workout AND within the hour after my workout

    2) JUST the hour after my workout


    and, which days should i drink it?


    1) on days when im doing aerobics OR resistance training

    2) JUST on the days when im doing resistance training


    I'm just curious to see what other people are doing. I'm a small guy going for "Lean and Strong" , but I am not shooting for a bulkier "body builder" physique, if you know what I mean. so far ive been drinking it only after workouts involving resistance training (upper/lower body workouts) because i assumed it was most useful for rebuilding the muscle after the microtears that lifting causes (which dont necessarily occur with aerobics?).



    Harlan K

  • Harlan,

    It is a personal preference as to how often to drink the protein shakes. I usually have 2 during the day as it is more convenient for me.

    I will have one within 30 min of a weight training workout and then another in the afternoon for my 4th meal. It is important to get a good source of protein to the muscles after lifting.

    On cardio days, I would wait an hour then have my eggs and oatmeal.

    Hope this helps and best wishes for your success!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...